love thursday: and suddenly, a heart appears

I always marvel at those of you who share your images for Love Thursday here, and comment, “I didn’t even notice the heart when I took the picture.”  That never happens to me!  If I take a picture of a heart, boy-howdy, I notice it.  It never magically appears.

Until this week.

I was looking through some old photographs I took when I was living in my homeland of Trinidad & Tobago (I’m feeling a bit homesick these days), and I came across the shot above, taken about 2-1/2 years ago.  This little cabin is in the small fishing village of Grand Riviere, on the north shore of Trinidad.  Grand Riviere happens to be the nesting ground of giant leatherback turtles, and every year my husband, daughter and I would make the 2 hour drive to this little cabin, so that we could walk out to the beach after dark and watch these huge animals lumber onto the beach and lay their eggs, before returning to the ocean.  It is one of my favourite memories of life in Trinidad, and one of my favourite spots.  I love this picture.

But it was only this week that I noticed the light in the upper right hand corner of this image was in the shape of a heart.

How positively fitting.

* * * * * * *

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.  Please leave your links of love in the comments below, and be sure to check out these hearts that seemed to magically materialize in the images left by Snowfire11Ro and mainemomma2007 in the ShutterSisters Flickr pool.  

And may love suddenly appear in your lives today.


  1. says

    Lovely photo. So neat that you went back and found the hidden heart in the picture. (My son is scheduled to go to Trinadad & Tobago for work. I can’t wait to see the photos he’ll bring back. He shares my love of photography)

  2. says

    I think all my Love Thursday posts have had a heart in them. Today it doesn’t. The heart is hidden, but it is not in the photo at all, it is hidden in the maker of a marker.
    Happy Love Thursday.

  3. says

    The Love Shack! (B-52’s)

    The Love Shack is a little old place
    where we can get together
    Love Shack bay-bee! Love Shack baby!
    Love Shack, that’s where it’s at!
    Huggin’ and a kissin’, dancin’ and a lovin’,
    wearin’ next to nothing
    Cause it’s hot as an oven
    The whole shack shimmies!
    The whole shack shimmies when everybody’s
    Movin’ around and around and around and around!
    Everybody’s movin’, everybody’s groovin’ baby!
    Folks linin’ up outside just to get down
    Everybody’s movin’, everybody’s groovin’ baby
    Funky little shack! Funk-y little shack!

    mine:not so exciting; poor little guy bucked off his horse, now a band-aide on this nose

  4. says

    My husband returns today from a week on the east coast. Love will magically reappear in my life in a matter of hours.

    I emailed him the link to Shutter Sisters today, so that he can browse on the plane back to me. :)

  5. Yan says

    Shoji and I spent a night at Acajou in April this year. It was his first time turtle watching. It was fabulous. I love watching the giant leather backs come up to nest and I love this hotel, it will be regular rotation when we go home to visit from now on.

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