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The holiday gift-giving season is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but I am on the lookout for inexpensive, but personal gifts to give this year. I always get a rush of creative energy every November as I read my favorite magazines and check out all of my bookmarked creative blogs and sites. I start to imagine all of the cute, crafty things I could make for my friends and family, but more often than not I run out of time or energy. However, there is one simple, yet personalized item that everyone loves to receive…a custom photo calendar. The best thing about creating your own photo calendar is that it can be as simple of a project as you choose. One of the quickest, easiest ways to create a custom calendar is by using an online service such as Snapfish, Kodak Gallery, or Qoop. These sites provide the calendar design, printing and shipping meaning that all you have to do is pick your favorite photos and upload them! And if one of these sites is already your photo printer of choice, you can choose the photos that you have already uploaded throughout the year. Super easy and super fast! And I am so excited to tell you that Snapfish is graciously providing the whole Shutter Sisters community with this awesome offer: buy one 12-month calendar of any size, and get one 12-month 8.5×11 calendar FREE! The coupon code is FREECAL08 and it is good until 11/31/2008.

Now, if you are feeling ambitious and want to try something a little more “hands on”, I have another idea. Have you seen the little desktop calendars that fit neatly into an empty (and slightly dismantled) cd jewel case? Why not create one using your own photos? There are a couple different ways to do this.

If you are a Photoshop user, I have exciting news. I took the liberty of designing a photoshop calendar template that I am sharing with all of you! Click here to download the files. Then all you have to do is plop in your own photos, print them on some photo paper or cardstock and cut them out! Now I personally would not benefit from having this photo calendar sitting on my desktop because I tend to be a little…uh messy. In fact, it would get completely buried by paper and coffee cups. So I am opting to make mine into a calendar that you can put on a bulletin board or magnet board! I went to Target and got little colorful binder clips and some magnetic clips. That way the recipient of this gift can display it in plain site. But don’t worry. If you would rather use a jewel case to hold the calendar pieces, I created the photoshop template to fit in a standard sized cd case.

If you are not a Photoshop user and prefer a more scrapbooky approach, you could always cut out a photo and stick it on a 4.5”x5” piece of cardstock (leaving the bottom blank), then use a nice pen to write out the calendar dates on the bottom. Do that 12 times and stick them in an empty jewel case! Voila, cute and crafty.

However you choose to create your photo calendar, I guarantee that your friends and family will love receiving a gift that they can enjoy all year.



Looking for the 2011 template?? Here it is!



  1. says

    you are heavenly! THANK YOU. for the fabulous site references (what fun for me on a Saturday morning), the photoshop template, AND the awesome idea of making a calendar a little more like a jewel than a monster. =)

    Great post!

    and another good photo fun printing and gifting reference for you all:
    incredible. fast, clean, GREAT deals all the time, and super good quality.
    our personal favorite.

  2. says

    Thanks sooooo much for the template! I did a calendar last year and totally over-thought the process. I want to do another calendar this year, and this will be a lot easier. I still have some of the tiny wooden Ikea easles, so I’ll probably use those.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. says

    This is the most "I can do this" craftiest thing I’ve seen this season. Thank you, thank you. Everything else out there is just way too crafty, scrapbooky or impractical for my purposes. Great post and great information.

  4. says

    Oooo, I wanna… I wanna…! BUT, do any of you know if these printing services send to Canada? I know that QOOP doesn’t. Whenever I modify my photo in Flickr, the resolution is so bad when I return it to my hard-drive. They’re only good for looking on-screen. Some of them are OK as a 4×6, but certainly nothing bigger. Are there online printing services I can use??

    I know Photoshop would allow me to play with my photos right on my hard drive, but I’m so cheap! Don’t know if I can justify the expense… yet. :-)


  5. says

    thank you so much for sharing these ideas. I had already started mine using the CD case but you are so sweet to offer the template. I’m in advertising so we get that type of calendar as promotionals – I have always loved them and wanted to do one myself.

  6. Joelle says

    Thank you soooo much! I always make photo calenders through Shutterfly for a few people, but your wonderful templates will allow me to do them for the masses! Thank you so much for your generosity!!

  7. says

    Paige, your calendars look so AWESOME! Thanks for the idea. I’m am SOOOOOOOOO not crafty, but I might give it a try! And thanks for the Snapfish coupon code. I didn’t give the grandmas and great-grandmas Cadence calendars last year, and that was not a smart move.

  8. says

    Elizabeth, watch for a little countdown after clicking the link. After like 30 seconds a little download button will appear and you should be able to download it then. The only problem is that there may be some pop up windows while you wait. Hope this helps!

  9. says

    Ok ladies, I upgraded from a free to a premium account to allow for unlimited downloads simultaneously. Hopefully that solves the problem! : )

  10. says

    thank you so much.
    i didn t know if this template would work with with photoshop elements but it seems too!
    this is not even something i ever thought of doing but i love the idea.
    so excited
    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. tm says

    Hi, I really like the look of your cd case calendars, I tried 3 times to download the file, but I get this message;" does not appear to be compressed or encoded. It is advised that you obtain further information about the contents of this file from the sender or provider of the file.
    Am I too late? thanx

  12. paula says

    Hi there – I was wondering if you are going to offer the templates again? I tried the link and it says that they are no longer available.

  13. lisa says

    Hi, I see many have asked about a new template. I would love to make this beautiful calendar, please let me know if the template is still available.



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