Giving Thanks for Laughter

“Okay, ya’ll go out to the back porch before you change your clothes!” I shouted from the kitchen. I could procrastinate no longer.


“I need to take your picture for our Christmas card.”

[groans, moans, stomps]

And after quickly wiping the chocolate sauce off my girl’s mouth and smoothing out my boy’s bangs, I stuffed them into a wicker chair and instructed them to lean in close. “Put your arm around her please,” I coaxed. Eyes rolled and then someone released a funny sound… and CLICK.

* * *

If you’ve shot your holiday card, do share a link so we can take a peak. Or if you’re looking for an excuse to procrastinate a little further, join me in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week by sharing a moment that makes you thank-full.


  1. says

    Here are my out takes….the one I picked is on the flicker group.

    Oddly enough, the day of sun I had been waiting for to take my Great Greeting was last week, and even though you can’t see it; it started snowing! I told them to open their mouths and catch the snow. MEAN MOMMY. I promise we were out there for less than 5 minutes, because as you can see…..
    I took only 5 pictures, because that was all I could.
    Even the best laid plans…..they can go terribly wrong! And I had to jump off my ladder and go in.
    Fine. Fine. Torture for you. Can’t mom have just a little fun?

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    We have been renovating our old house (circa 1890) for about 4 yrs now. It was a disaster when we bought it but my husband is a master craftsman and is slowing restoring our home. Since we redid the front of the house just this fall we thought it fitting to place it on our christmas card. Before the work was done there was a "fake" front door that led to nowhere..the roof was pitchy and one of the top windows didn’t match the height of the rest. The roof is done, the door gone, window placed at the right height and the Super Icky lovered windowed porch has been removed. We now have the front porch we’ve been seeing in our minds for 4 yrs. There is still lots to do. And we’ll keep going. So this is our christmas card for 2008!

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