Love Thursday: May 15, 2008


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still basking in the Mother’s Day afterglow.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.  Please leave your links of love in the comments section — and in honour of Mother’s Day, feel free to include images of your mom, your kids, your grandmother, a friend who’s a great mom, someone married to a mom, someone who at one point in his/her life had a mom, someone who can spell “MOM” …

 … and be sure to check out the amazing Mom photographs left by *VWC Photography* and PhotoMom86 for inspiration!


  1. says

    Great photo! That can’t be a self portrait can it??? It’s fabulous! So much LOVE!

    Although I’m a Mommy now, the first person I think of on mother’s day is my own mother! I seriously need to take more portraits of her! I dug this one up from last year and it’s just a snapshot. Sorry Umma!

  2. says

    I didn’t take the camera out all day on Mother’s Day. In fact, I worked all day. It was so depressing. I did snap a pic of some love in the backyard this

  3. says

    I posted about some lovely time we spent on the beach, with good friends.

    I also have some Mother’s Day posts up, my 11yo daughter getting up at 5am to make me pancakes!

    And the dead snake I got for Mother’s Day…

    Happy Love Thursday!


  4. Candace says

    Ooops…sorry for the misspelled words. Why I did that to the word "mothers" in my post is beyond me…well maybe not beyond. Could have been from the tears I was trying to hold back.

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