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When I was browsing through all the images from one of my latest photo sessions, it was this one in particular that I was drawn to the most.

There was just something about her reflection, how the liquid quality made it appear gentle, smooth and comforting that had me linger. As I looked deeper, my thoughts went to the idea that there is a side to each of us, an inner voice within, sharing these same gentle qualities. I imagine that this part of us is our most centered selves, that voice of reason, holding all of the answers we are searching for.

We all have those inner gremlins that attempt to penetrate our hearts and minds with negative self talk. A while ago, my husband brought to my attention that if we take a moment and truly listen to what those gremlins sound like, they sound harsh and shrill and perhaps panicked.

But there is a softer voice within. It sounds gentle, wise and empowering. I choose to believe that this is the inner voice that speaks our truth. An inner voice that if we pay more attention, those gremlins would eventually grow weaker.

Many times I get distracted from this gentler voice. I am easily influenced by the harsher ones but deep down I know that it is my inner wisdom I trust the most.

This is a constant message that has surfaced throughout my long fertility journey and one I have found surfaces for others throughout their own life journeys. It surfaced again recently when gazing at this photograph. I saw this inner voice embodied in her reflection. This image brought to life the idea that this part of us is always present, helping us to stay grounded as we take each step. We just have to trust that it is there.

I love how when we open our hearts and pay attention, we discover some amazing wisdom and lessons through the images we capture with our lens. I suppose in a sense, our camera carries the essence of our third eye.

If you have had a similar experience with a profound message you discovered through an image of yours or someone else’s, do share in the comments if inspired.

Photo and words courtesy of Honorary Sister/Guest Blogger Boho Girl Denise Andrade.


  1. says

    What a beautiful photograph! I love how the focus is the reflection and the cropping is just perfect. Wonderful words to invoke thought as well…I think of shadows the same way, of sharing a glimpse of something from the other side, a bit of ourselves mixed with a bit of magic.

    Here are a few photos that I thought of when I read your words.

  2. Anke says

    What a great post! Just last night I was working with my inner gremlins….here is the link to the fotos of 4 canvases. Wonderful foto! Smiles, Anke 😉

  3. says

    I’ve posted it before…but I have to post it again-because on those days, those days that you wake up and feel it immediately. Those days when you get out of bed and look down at yourself and go ‘what does he see in me?’ Those days that you pinch and scrutinize every inch of your body and face. Those days that your skin burns with anxiety as his hand rests of your stomach-‘what does it feel like to him? is he disgusted?’
    and then through it… on better days, days where you dance wildly as if no one watches-days that the red colour of your lips makes you feel sexy. Days when your curves are not rolls, but deliciously woman.
    I have to remind myself of those days-because they seem to be way too few.

  4. says

    oh my. this is so beautiful. i have not been brave enough to take pix of people yet, (they move alot and i can’t keep up!) but wow. this *pic* totally inspires me to.

  5. says

    What a beautiful post……very thought provoking indeed.

    What I have to share spawns from my most recent trip to Big Sur, CA. The photos I am compelled to share are from a place called Jade Cove. When I got home and began to chronicle our adventure, I got to Jade Cove and was flooded with emotion as I shuffled through the images. It was such a magical place, and it filled me with longing, but at the same time reminded me to hang on to those sorts of feelings I have felt when all is right in my world.

    Here is Jade Cove:

  6. says

    Yes, I think we all have this inner voice, our kind parent who accepts and encourages us, who is kind and wise. We just need to slow down so that we can hear the voice.

    Love the photo.

  7. Kathleen says

    This is my friend’s little girl. She’s a twin, the only girl with a twin brother and a big brother. I love the contrast of the two views of her – but am always taken with the bottom photo. It speaks to me of the strong, sincere little lass she is and will be – and makes me think more deeply about what an honor and delight it is to watch little people grow. Aren’t their personalities there all along?

  8. Paola Norman says

    Everything you spoke about touched home and is so very true.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

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