I’m not sure how it felt when gold miners, after sifting through endless mud-filled pans, finally glanced down to find an unmistakeable treasure. But I imagine it was a little how I felt when I stumbled upon this gorgeous heap of old cars. I consciously had to force myself to slow down, to make sure the engine was off before exploding out of my car. Crawling around the old garage, I was struck by the overwhelming beauty that is always surrounding us…even in that which is seemingly neglected, or overlooked. It’s the form of a door handle, the geometry of a tire, or the symmetry of a railroad track. Inspiration is everywhere. And when It taps you on shoulder, it takes you on a ride which expands your perspective. Suddenly, you see the elegance of a dozen eggs, or the quiet grace residing between a few blades of grass. Then maybe, if we’re lucky, Inspiration also opens us up to seeing ourselves and each other…each one of us as the every day, ordinary miracles that we are.

What inspires you today?


  1. says

    Twenty five below. The world is frozen and white. True, true Canadian winter. Hand knit socks and my sister. We’ve posted colourful photos today.

  2. Suzanne says

    Like so many others, I was inspired by a single shaft of sunlight after waiting and waiting and waiting for inspiration to strike.

  3. says

    I just wanted to say that these are the most amazing pictures. I’m in Austin and when I looked at these over lunch I wanted to stash my purse and camera under my jacket, sneak out to my car, and drive to West Texas. Truly wonderful work.

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