your backyard, right now

A request from a friend sent me into the backyard on a day when I felt more or less abandoned by magic. And wouldn’t you know? I found some out there, hiding in the lee of a maple tree.

Go out into your backyard – or into the world surrounding your door – and show us mini-worlds and fairy dust. Do not wait for perfect light. Just go.


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    I will do this today…as I do not often find my backyard that spectacular. Maybe I should plant some flowers and jazz it up.

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    your post got me off my moping bottom and out in my yard. the grey days have made gardening seem less attractive but being out there sparked me up and I could not stop taking pictures of our food garden growing.
    i took so many i made them a set, but i think this one is my fave…

    and here is the set….the crinkly sheets make me happy to see.

    thanks for the inspiration, totally needed it today.

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