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Years ago I stopped giving photos to my husband for his Father’s Day gift. I know he appreciates the pictures I capture of our girls but the truth is, it’s me that wants one good reason to frame a recent shot of my kids. I learned to stop waiting for Father’s Day to get those timeless moments framed and just did it. For myself. For our family. That’s not to say I don’t make my husband photo cards for every occasion because you know I do! But, that’s another story.

When this Father’s Day approached however, there was a project I had been wanting to do with our Fair Photo booth archives. When I got the One Cent Sale email from Aaron Brothers a few days before Father’s Day I jumped at the chance. It is my most favorite sale of the year I must admit.

Above are the final results; two of the four years of Photo booth fun, scanned, enlarged a bit, matted in museum board mattes and framed in a simple black frame. A treasured Clark family series of playful photo booth portraits. I can’t wait to hang them up! And yes, my husband loves them.

Sometimes a project will inspire you, sometimes it’s the photo itself, or a holiday or a frame sale that does it. Other time you find a fantastic frame and then search for the perfect  photo to go in it.

Case in point the new Photoshop Photo Framefrom our friends at PhotoJojo. This is one of those frames that anyone who has a passion for photography in the digital age will love. Don’t you agree?

Leave a comment today about a project, photo or frame that motivated you to get your work off of the computer and into your life Your comment will make you eligible to win the Photoshop Photo Frame (a la PhotoJojo). Yay!


  1. HappyHourMom says

    Oh, yes please! I love the photo booth pics! I never thought those fun little moments could be anything more than up on the refrigerator. Thank you for sharing your creative ways, time to take another round o’ booth pics!!!

  2. Kylie says

    I am finally getting around to filling up an old typecase I bought online, with photos. Seems to be a little bit time-consuming re-sizing all the photos, but am so enjoying going thru all the archives! The type-case was an Ali Edwards inspired project – The typecase I bought has all different size spaces like the second one in Ali’s post – but slowly getting there!
    Thank you for sharing your creative way with photobooth photos!

  3. MariaV says

    I’m getting ready to start a NYC walkabout in connection with my job. The project will take several months and many of the photos will be printed in our annual report. However … this is only the second time that I’ve done the photo work for it and the only reason I’m doing the photos is to save money. It is a labor of love. I promised myself a book of the best shots of the year once it is complete.

    I’ve seen it around, but have never asked. Do you actually use a photo booth? Or do you create the photo booth photos in another way?

  4. Estelle says

    My inspiration was my 40th birthday last year. The previous 18 months had included burying both my parents within 2 weeks of each other and my camera became my lifeline to the outside world. So I decided to print and enjoy looking at the photo’s from my 40th birthday year. A trip to the staes, family time and celebrating my birthday in NEW YORK. All made for many happy and colourful memories in my album

  5. says

    I just moved and want to fill my new hallway with photos… I’m thinking b&w, but I am trying to decide if I want to do a theme for them… It’ll be like a mini-gallery hallway!

  6. says

    i LOVE photobooths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bought magnetic photo ropes from photojojo for my room. they are so easy to change out and loook whimsical on my heavily covered walls.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  7. says

    My mother had six children….and all except one of us have blessed her with grandchildren, wives, husbands, etc etc etc. She always complains about not being able to remember everyone’s birthday so I have decided to go through archives and create a yearly calendar for her. Each month will include photos of those who have birthdays that month and on months where there are no particular birthdays….if there is any such thing…there will be pics of her favorite things. Which made me think of a lady friend I have in Houston for who I am also going to make a calendar for next year as she now has a new son-in-law, daughter-in-law and soon a grandbaby. Also…she loves gardening and fall as I do as well as that awesome occassional glass of wine and beach….and as I so love taking gardening, floral shots, fall colors, etc etc…..I’m going to adorn her calendar with all kinds of her favorite things.

    I know the calendars aren’t a very original idea….but I’m looking forward to the project of going through old photos and doing this from year to year….always hopefully coming up with something ‘new and fun’ as well as some of the ‘really old photos’ of my grandparents, etc etc.

    I can’t wait. (Can I go home now and get started?!!!))

  8. says

    I finally got a shot of my hubby I loved, so when I decided to frame it and hang it up, I realized I needed to redo the whole wall over the couch….it’s still an ongoing project as I have not found all the frames I like yet!

  9. Lori says

    a friend recently encouraged me to sign up for shutterfly. They offer free prints for just about everything. It has really inspired me to have some of my pictures printed. I’m excited to get my first batch in the mail soon.

  10. says

    I love to print my photos onto postcards. I use the postcards for everything… invitations, thank you notes, thinking of you notes. When I send them to others it’s like sharing a little piece of me and my world.

  11. says

    My big project is to make the bestest awesomest travel book ever from our thousands of Europe vacation photos. I’ve got a plan – but I have a lot of photos (4000+) to go through and I’m limiting myself to 200 pages. Yes, it’s going to be awesome and massive. I’ll post the link on once it’s finally done!!!

    I love photo booth pictures!!!

  12. says

    each year at our family reunion my daughter and her twins cousins (the twins, boy and girl, and my daughter are 10 years apart in age) take goofy face photos together. They’re just silly photos. Last year I decided to convert them to black and white and frame each of them and hang them from a horizontal rod with decorative ribbon displaying 4 at a time. It’s fun to look back over the years – how they change and interact together.

  13. Tammy says

    I have a great big wall in the entrance of my house that I have as a photo gallery wall. I love that as you come in our home you are greeted with fun family pictures. The kids love to see their pictures on the wall also.
    Thanks for all your ideas you share.

  14. Amanda says

    Absolutely LOVE the idea of framing photobooth pictures. So cute! I would love to fill these frames with recent "school" pictures of our 3 year old boys. Lovely!!

  15. says

    I’m great about putting photos in albums, but not about putting them on the wall. I still have photos of my daughter at age 6 or 7 on the wall (she’s 14…almost 15). And I keep meaning to stop at the photo booth downtown…for a long time now. Sigh…

    So what’s motivating me to print some photos to hang up is a set of prints that I just bought on Etsy from a "professional" photographer that I just don’t love. It made me realize that my photos are pretty darn great! It was a fear of them not being good enough that kept me from hanging them. Took an expensive lesson to tell me otherwise.

  16. says

    I have been taking digital pictures on one camera or another for just over 3 years, since my eldest daughter was born. I have exactly 25 printed on bad paper, cheaply, in 4×6 matte. I think until recently I didn’t think my photos were quality enough to waste the money on a print. I have had my mind changed recently by a good friend.
    Any suggestions on where to get quality prints that don’t break the bank?

  17. Cherie says

    my niece newly married just bought a house and wanted to put photos I have taken on her wall we did 9
    photos in glass clip frames all hung together she choose 9×9 . It looked great and inspired me to hang some of my own photos in my home.

  18. says

    I had a little photoshoot with my daughter. The lighting was perfect, she was happy and the pictures turned out amazing. I just had to get them off the computer, onto paper and up onto our wall. We now have a huge collage looking down at us while we sit at our computers.

  19. says

    As a photographer, I’m always behind the camera. When my best friend and fellow photographer, who lives clear across the country, came to visit I made sure I snagged her for a couple of hours. She took some gorgeous family portraits for us … a first for our family. My favorite photo is now my facebook profile pic, a large canvas on our wall and has served as a gift three times over, so far. I love all the shots from this session and the fact that a dear friend took the pictures makes them even better.

  20. says

    maybe this is the kick in the butt i needed to get the photos updatd in our hallway. i intended to keep them black and white and updated every year. yeah…they are about 5 years old now so i guess i am a bit behind. thanks for the inspiration.

  21. says

    I finally got off my keister and printed 3 of my works to hang at home. It’s so satisfying to see the fruits of your labor up to enjoy all the time!

    I just got a few photo’s printed in metalic paper too and yummmm they look Great! I’m so glad I made the leap of faith =)

  22. says

    A few years ago I went to Joshua Tree National Park after a surprise March snow storm and took a black and white photo (see #7 from link below) that many people loved so I had it blown up, framed and now it is proudly displayed on a wall right by my front door. So if there is a picture that I get alot of positive feedback from or one I really love, I frame it and display it proudly.

    Wishing you a scent-sational day!

  23. Cindie E says

    I had to make myself get into the habit of printing my digital photos regularly… I update collage photo frames around the house so that we have recent photos on display

  24. says

    since my triplets were born in 2007, i hadn’t printed a single photo until very recently. they just kept adding up + the amount of photos was daunting so i just left them on my hard drive. and then i opened up a print shop, which required me to begin printing them + now i do so every month or so. i still haven’t printed every last image, but i choose a few favorites and those are the ones i order.

  25. says

    Last March my husband and i took our daughter on her first trip to Disney World, a place that we love and the place where she was concieved. I took so many pictures it was hard to go through them all and even harder to pick out just a few that I wanted to frame. Then a few months later, when I still had not made any decisions, Shutterfly had a sale on their photobooks and I thought that was the perfect solution. I made a book with all of the best pictures and ordered two copies, one for my daughters room and one to keep with all of the other photobooks I have collected. It was perfect. Of course with this frame I could download them in her and left them cycle through, that would be awesome!

  26. NEC says

    What an awesome idea! I am in the very bad habit of not printing anything out… I need to start again!

  27. says

    I’m terrible about printing out my favorite pics…I have to start doing that! I did finally make a photo book of a trip to Florida I took with my sister and cousin this winter and love how it came out…

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