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The big 365 project reveal yesterday surprised and delighted me—how many people have or are currently participating in a project that will challenge and push them creatively for an entire year. And, by the way, I had no idea that for one Stephanie was sharing that post and two, that so many of you (of us) are willing to make such a commitment. Such a pleasant synchronicity.


So, it must be universal; the feeling that we need to keep ourselves accountable to hold own feet to the fire so that we do something inspiring and meaningful. Something for ourselves.


And I am well aware that there are many of you who have chosen to do this kind of project with a friend. A shutter sister. It makes sense. Why do it alone? The sisterhood is what helps us grow and thrive and not only keeps us accountable, but keeps us inspired. It’s brilliant.


Recently I discovered Amy and Madeline’s project at When You Give a Girl a Camera and I love it. Who wasn’t smitten by this beautiful series of Amy’s daughter Mad and her vintage camera when it hit out Flickr pool? It resonated with me. The banner photo for this very blog is my own daughter gently cradling the same camera.


I have been an advocate for giving a girl a camera ever since I had my first daughter. She’s been shooting pictures since she was 18 months old. And now, she’s 11. And quite the little shutter sister. And she shoots now, because she loves it. It’s one of her passions and it’s thrilling for me.


The idea of working together on a project, shooting side by side, bringing two unique images from two different perspectives to create something meaningful between my daughter and myself makes my heart sing. We will be participating in When You Give a Girl a Camera every chance we get. I am excited to have another mother/daughter duet to encourage us to click.


I hope to see you over there too sometimes. I can’t think of a better way to spend time with someone I love.


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    I came across your site from another blog and am sooo impressed. I’d be honored to share some of my work! I am a pediatrician working on Guam right now and in my spare time run my photoblog I can’t wait to see more of this site. I love the idea of supporting women in photography. It’s my passion!

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    wonderful challenge , i know their web spots, they are so special , mum and daughter, maybe i can try with my child, she is 5 years old and maybe… thank you for your posts, always!!!

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    What a wonderful idea. My son is very interested in taking pictures along with me. Right now its the cool "how does this thing work" element, but one day I hope he’ll be interested in what comes out of the camera too.

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    i love this. and thinking of the bond they share, because when you photograph together, something goes much deeper. it’s like you share eyes and hearts. i can only hope this for my son as well. he’s so curious and only time will tell (he’s just three) but he snaps photos on his own point and shoot and will often ask to use my nikon. yesterday my heart sang when i heard him playing with a friend. he had a pile of bristle blocks he formed into shape, and he said "this is a camera". sigh. that’s my boy!

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    Thank you Tracey and Shutter Sisters. Mad & I are sitting here reading this this morning and we are smiling from ear to ear;) when you give a girl a camera, came out of the blue, I was thinking of the collaboration photo blogs, how much I loved to look at all of the ones I knew of online. I have wanted someone to collaborate with for awhile, but not knowing who, I thought why not my own girl? I am adding that, you can also give a boy, or a child you know a camera* share a camera if you don’t have two, It’s fun to see what Madeline sees & in the way she sees it. It’s also fun to print these out they are great on paper* which we do.

    We shot pictures of an ice sculpture the other day….Mad’s was the best one out of all of our shots…hers had perspective.. mine did not;) it’s fun to show her things, it’s fun to see her eyeball something and then say "I want to take a picture of that!" We are thrilled that shutter sisters & Tracey decided to write about us and our little photo duet blog* Madeline & I would love to see your duets, so please stop by and let us know where you are:) Thanks again Tracey *

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    I’ve got a 2 year old who loves to play and "take" pictures with my camera. I’d love to get her her own so that I don’t have to hover over her the whole time making sure she doesn’t toss my camera in the bathtub. Any tips on a good camera for a toddler? I was thinking an inexpensive digital camera but would welcome any other advice/opinion…

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    What a wonderful idea! My daughter who is 11 also just received her first digital camera for Christmas and she loves it..just like her mom, she takes photos of everything and anything! I really love projects like these, sharing a daily photo with someone else, and I am enjoying taking part of one here : hope nobody will mind that I add the link, I am just so loving our little project :)

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    wonderful idea – this is a great project and bonding experience for mothers and daughters/children. I can tell you it’s been such a positive experience for me

    my daughter and I share a strong bond when we go on photo adventures together. when she went off to college I knew that was one of the things I would miss the most. So we started a mother/daughter blog together in Aug 08 when she left for college – a way of sharing our new life apart. It’s not the same as actually shooting together but It has been such a rewarding experience for me as a mother and has helped me with the lonely nights as an empty nester.
    the synchronicity we share, apart from one another, some days is scary and wonderful

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    When I first saw the name of Amy’s blog, all I could think of was, give a girl a camera, …and she’ll ask you to buy her Photoshop!! That’s what happened to a friend of mine and her 12 yr old daughter!!

    But seriously ~ how fun, I wish I could get my 10 yr son to stay interested long enough to do something like this. Legos and video games are more interesting than photography most of the time! Looking forward to their photographic journey, thanks Tracey for spotlighting them :)

  10. Faith says

    I’ve decided to give the 365 project a whirl too. I might post my photos on my LiveJournal as well as my Flickr account or I might not. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do.

    But anyway. This is the blog of a friend of mine that I thought you might find interesting in light of the 365 day project. Two roommates are video taping themselves dancing every day until they get a job or the year is over, which ever happens first.

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    I am a huge fan of Amy’s and her beautiful daughter has definitely inherited her mother’s eye for capturing the most gorgeous moods and details of life… a true joy to see their photos and what a wonderful way to spend time together! Thank you for sharing!

  12. amy says

    I still appreciate this nod to our little project….we have moved here:

    there is a link to when you give a girl a camera and our duets…

    we have slowed. with madeline looking at having spine surgery before the summer is over… our duets are on hold. we hope to have them back up once she is feeling better.


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