The Creative Mama

The best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations.

– Eli Khamarov

I’d be lying if I said I had no expectations that chilly December week. I poured myself endlessly over my laptop screen, trying desperately to find just the right domain name for this new venture I’d be taking. ‘Would it really matter?’ I asked myself, ‘No one will read it anyways.’ My mind was a jumble of hopes and dreams, thoughts and anticipation, doubt and insecurities. For years I’d been writing, though not much of my work was read by others. I’d had visions of my not-so-single self sitting behind a frosty window, in my cute sweats, sipping a martini, and sporting the well-known Carrie Bradshaw hair. Alas, I write from a little corner desk in my not-so-NYC-home, that over looks a parking lot. None the less, I had a desire to write and to be heard. To create something that would bring women together, inspire, encourage.

After weeks of perfecting my look, I had designed the makeup of my tiny space on the web. With bursting excitement, on January 14, 2009, The Creative Mama was born. I had a small group of beloved friends and family that ‘promised’ me they were reading. Devoted pals encouraged me, and occasionally commented. I wrote what was on my heart, I shared projects I’d been working on. I was able to use my love for photography in a new way and this ignited a fire within me! I poured my heart and soul into this brand new outlet of mine, and though I felt I was talking to a blank wall, I trudged on. January ended with a whopping 7 subscribers. I was proud, and elated. I had no idea where this would take me; but I knew I was enjoying myself, I was being creative, and most importantly I was writing.

The months went on and I continued to find myself inspired by my readers. Women I’d never met were beginning to rally around me, supporting my sometimes sappy articles and cheering me on as I gave it my all. These women became friends and a community began to build. I was humbled and honored that people made time to sit at their computers, clicking over to visit The Creative Mama. With so many wonderful blogs out there to encourage and inspire, I felt so blessed to be apart of their daily readings.

Then it happened. A big series I did over the summer on photography involved some amazing artists, my traffic increased on a daily basis and the amount of subscribers quickly hit 1000. I could hardly believe it. This tiny little baby of mine that was just a vision 8 short months prior, had blossomed into a soul-feeding, mind-blowing, full-time job. I sat here in my little corner one afternoon, attempting to write for the following week. For what felt like the 100th time, my four-year-old begged me to play Star Wars with him. I saw the tears in his big, brown eyes and my mind raced with thoughts of my to-do list. There were articles to be written, comments to moderate, an inbox to be tackled, images to edit, galleries to get up, dinner to be made… little boys to be played with. It was then that I realized, this something I longed for, this outlet I created, had turned into something that was slowly eating away at my family. I could blog all I wanted about my darling children, but what good was I typing about them when I needed to be with them?

With The Creative Mama in her prime, and the heaviest of hearts, I said my good-byes. Tears were streaming so, I could hardly see the screen the day I typed what I thought would be my last article. I turned to the kids, almost unsure what to do next. Over the next 6 weeks we snuggled, and we played with light sabers, I photographed them more, and we watched Animal Planet. I continued my photography business and was even able to take part in an amazing online workshop. My fingers ached to type, but my heart was full. I knew I had made the best decision for me, for my family.

During this time I couldn’t bare to look at feedburner or my stats sites. I had worked so hard to get The Creative Mama where she was, I knew I would be just devastated to see the numbers so low. That is until a few weeks ago, when I accidentally clicked a bookmarked statcounter. My jaw was on the floor. As it turns out, I’d only lost a small handful of subscribers and wouldn’t you know, in all that time of not blogging TCM saw hundreds upon hundreds of new visitors daily. I knew there must be a reason for this, and began to formulate a plan in my head.

Little did I know that the following weeks would bring eight very special women to the table. Each of them were asked because I admire, respect, and adore them. They are my team, they are the new Creative Mama. Without them, TCM could not be. We work together now, to bring unique and inspiring content that is sure to tug at the heart strings, bring laughter and joy, and hopefully give new insight to creative ways to live our every day lives.

Did I expect the road to lead me here? Not in the slightest. Oftentimes though, those unexpected beauties are the ones to treasure. I treasure the challenges it took to walk away, and I embrace the road we are on now. I’d encourage you to join us, we’d love to get to know you!

Photo and words courtesy of Honorary Sister / Guest Blogger Angie Warren, founder of The Creative Mama.


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    I loved the Carrie Bradshaw imagery :), I can totally feel and see you thinking that, and that is why I adore you as a friend. Being real is what makes you and TCM so awesome. Real women, with real lives, sharing their real hearts. I am grateful for the decisions you made (the easy ones and the hard ones) they have brought you and I together and the rest of the TCM team! And kuddos on the guest blog spot here on the fabulous Shutter Sisters!

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    It has been great watching you and your blog grow over the past months. I am so excited to be along with you on this new phase of the adventure!

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    i had not heard of your blog until today. although i am not a mom {and the blog name makes me think it would be a blog that appeals to moms}, i do love photography and am inspired by other women artists, i clicked over to see this space. i was immediately drawn to the clean crisp design, and i knew i could get something out of visiting there. so i hope to make it a regular place to visit. or at least once in a while if nothing else. so glad it did not go away altogether and that you could find the right balance. my blog is small {not many readers}, but i find a hard time finding balance between it and my pre-blogging activities and life. so i am inspired by your courage to take a step toward balance, even if it means giving up blog-time. thanks for guest writing here today. had you not, i would not have discovered your blog.

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    You are a gem, dear Angie. I am so grateful to be a part of your team, and I am so thankful that you were able to kickstart your baby again in this way. It hurts so much to let go of something you love so much, but as the old saying goes, "set it free, and if it comes back to you…" Well, I think you know the rest. 😉

    Tracey, thank you for this feature! I look forward to getting to know you and the rest of the girls as we continue what Angie started.

    xo ~ Stacey

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