the six questions featuring Jennifer Evans

I was immediately drawn to Jennifer Evans’ Polaroid photos the moment I stumbled across her Flickr Pool about a year ago. And I have been admiring her unique sense of composition and light, as well as the delightful blend of beauty, style and simplicity emanating from her images ever since. I was so excited when Jennifer kindly accepted to answer our 6 questions, and I couldn’t be happier today to share her answers with you.

1. What’s the story behind this photo? 

This day was like any other day, yet special for me. I was spending it riverside on the Thames with the love of my life. We were enjoying the briskness of a fall afternoon, drinking cider and eating fish and chips. The sunset was beautiful that evening, like flames slowly crawling over the bridge. It ignited a renewal of passion for each other once again. 

2. What was it that lit your photography spark? Do you remember a particular camera, course, person, roll of film? 

As long as I can remember photography has been a part of my life. There is quite a substantial amount of photographer’s in my family. Polaroid was introduced on the day I was born. Many in my family owned Polaroids, but my grandfather was the one who lived by it. He wouldn’t use anything else but his trusty sx70 camera.

As a kid, Polaroid was fun… Having the image physically in your hands appearing in a matter of minutes. It was magic, I was convinced. To this day I carry my sx70 with me everywhere capturing moments that only my eyes see and sharing them with the rest of the world. Still believing in the magic, just like my grandfather. 

3. What’s your photo philosophy? Does it reflect your life philosophy? 

“Day by day”, that is the way I try to live, I see this in my photos as well. I try to capture everyday life, the beauty and the beast of it. That’s the same with life, the good and the bad, but that makes a person who they are. That is the same with my photographs, they tell a life story on their own or as a photo diary. 

4. Where do you look for inspiration? 

Everywhere, anywhere I look, the music I listen to, the books I read, the places I travel, the art I see, the people on the streets… The light.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world for an epic, weeklong photo excursion all by your luxuriously unhurried self – regardless of money, time or childcare issues – where would you go and why? 

Well there are so many places in the world that are left to be explored. In my first degree I studied a bit of anthropology and focused on a tribe in Vietnam, called the Hmong tribe. I have always wanted to go there and live with the people for a short time and document their way of life. That is just one of many places I would love to go on a photographic journey to. 

6. Are there women out there that you consider your shutter sisters? Who, and why? 

Many, I have met so many women, some through Flickr, some through life who I would consider my shutter sisters. Two in particular are the closest… One of my best friends Breanna Wucinich has always had the love of photography, I have introduced her to Polaroid and she has fallen in love as well. The other is another great friend Fernanda Montoro, with whom I have shared many Polaroid projects with in the past and many to come in the future. We also have a stall at the famous Broadway Market in London, called “The Polaroid Shop”. I know I will meet many more shutter sisters in the future, and have many more photographic adventures!

Thank you so much Jennifer!

Please, go take a look at Jennifer’s Flickr Pool and website. I promise her images will inspire you and make you smile.


  1. janette says

    The cloud photos are beautiful on their own, but it’s wonderful to hear the photographer’s story behind them. Thanks for showing her work here and providing the interview. Always interesting to learn what inspires other photographers.

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