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The year is ending and so is the photo blog “Table by a Window” I am in awe of photographers that have the discipline to undertake a 365 day project and feel inspired by the recording of life over that time with changes of the seasons, the ebb and flow of it all. Being realistic though, a project that encompassed a year would, for me, be more successful on a smaller scale, something that could that fit a loose schedule while still being maintained throughout a year.

The Table project was originally created with a goal of 100 photos throughout the year (I have gone over that by a bit) featuring a particular place in our home with photos stored in a set on my Flickr page.  As an active blogger though, it was no surprise that the original idea evolved rather quickly to a simple photo blog as well. It remained easy to maintain, there was very little pressure and as photography so often does the process created a fun way of seeing life from this everyday vantage point.

Our kitchen table by a large picture window is a spot where meals are shared, “stuff” often lands, smiles (and a few tears) exchanged, decisions made and daily life unfolds. I am not a professional photographer, no fancy shots or props, just a table similar to the one most everyone has. Following the style of my other blog spaces and to maintain the ease for me, photos were most often posted with little or no text or editing letting the image tell a story, many times sharing the table  “as is” and other images as I created.  Feeling free from daily deadlines it became simple to snap a couple of images a week while attempting to take advantage of the natural light.   

As the blog comes to a close I encourage you to consider a project like this as a simple, yet artistic way to record the year. Will you be starting a photo project or challenge in 2010?  If you began today what would your “Table by a Window” photo be?

Image and words courtesy of Elaine Kean, affectionately known as ELK at Red or Gray and at her 2009 photo project blog, Table by a Window.


We hope that you are inspired to begin your own photo project for 2010. Whatever it is, let it be fun and challenging…but mostly fun!

If you plan on embarking on the daily 365 project, please join the Shutter Sisters 365 Flickr group for support and encouragement. Leave your notes here or there and let us know what you plan to do for the New Year. And as always, we will host our monthly One Word Projects too so be sure to join us for those as well! We may have a few more things up our sleeves for 2010. Who knows?


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    What a wonderful surprise this morning to find you here elk. I love following your blog. You have inspired me here to continue my own 365 project. Perhaps something more targeted as well. What an inspiration you are dear elk!

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    Wonderful post, ELK. I will definitely be embarking on a photo project this year. After going through my images from last year, the ones I hold most dear are the ones of the girls. I think I may use "sisters" as a loose theme as this will be the last year my oldest daughter will be out of school. Also, I like using the OWP as inspiration as well :)

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    I have decided to start again (I failed a couple of times already) a 365 project. In order to motivate myself (and maybe others) I will post daily prompts to my blog. I am looking forward to participate by puting photos in the flickr pool!

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    !! Not knowing you when this project began, I had no idea it was just a year long thing – I just thought it was inspired. As it was. PS – I never knew you had so many words inside. :)

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    What fun to find you here today ELK! Wonderful inspiring project but even more so wonderful inspiring and encouraging person that you are to us :) And yes, I am working my way towards a word and 365 project for 2010!

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    In three days I’ll be starting a 365 TTV project using my Rebel XT, my Nifty Fifty, a few stacked macro filters and my Christmas present, a vintage Kodak Duaflex. Big plans, but I still haven’t built the light-blocking contraption yet. That’s today’s project. So, we’ll see. I want to honor every commitment I make in 2010, and it seems as though a good way to represent a renewed dedication in my life to seeing through my commitments would be to do a 365 — an outward sign of inward change. Know what I mean?

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    ELK, I like your plan – to set out to take 100 photos. I think this is the kind of goal I need to set for myself. I am still unsure about being able to manage 365 photos. I think I might try again, January 1st, but I’m also working on coming up with a photo project — (rough brainstorming) a 52 week project of street photography in New York City (where I live) shot in black and white. Hmm… I’m sure you’ll see what I come up with on my blog!

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    What a unique idea. I love coming across ideas like this. It’s so inspiring and creative. I partially completed a 365 self portrait project this year (only lasting 7 months before burning out). I was wanting to start another 365 on January 1, and now my brain is scheming up different themes for it…

    Thank you for the inspiration.

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    I love this project, so lovely. You’ve got me thinking. I don’t think I could commit to a 365 right now but something more flexible like you did…maybe.

  10. Jade Sheldon says

    Wonderful post!

    I really have been thinking of starting another blog dedicated to photography. You may have just inspired me to actually go through with it :)

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    you have the heart and soul of a true artist. i can’t believe what an inspiration and blessing you’ve been to me over this past year. online and offline.

    happiest of new year’s to you! i’m so going to think about a project like this to take on. thanks for your ever-inspiring creativity.


    {p.s. so fun to see you here!}

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    Oh ELK, I fear I missed your project this year, as having only found you just recently. Darn it! I tried a P365 this last year, and I kept it up for about 2 months. I agree though, something that rigid doesn’t work for me, I missed one day, and the whole thing fell apart for me. Too much pressure. I’ll have to see what else I can come up with. :)

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    I have to join in with others when saying what a lovely inspiration you have always been.

    This year I am starting a Fridays — Finding the Beauty meme– where others will joining one another to celebrate beauty all around us… this will start Friday the 8th — giving everyone the opportunity to share what they feel is the beauty around them.

    Please keep posting away and keep inspiring us… such a pleasure.

    Thanks!! Happy New year and decade!!


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