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August and September have proven to be the busiest months of the year for my photography business. I am thrilled to be busy doing what I love and meeting new clients. It’s been a constant flow of sessions and I have spent many, many hours in front of my computer editing tons of photos. But suddenly today I realized that I haven’t taken any photos for fun in a very long time. I had been finding that after the client sessions were over and the photos had been proofed, what I needed the most was time away from my camera and the computer.

But in the past couple of days, as I drive around, things are starting to catch my eye again. A beautiful golden field spotted with giant hay bails against a blue sky begs to be photographed and I tell myself to remember it and come back with my camera at this time the next day. I think every profession has it’s seasons of routine, and it’s seasons of renewal. It seems that photography is no different for me.

I didn’t feel guilty about taking some time away from that experimental, personal photography because I found that it comes back to me when I need it most.


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    Attended Me Ra Koh’s workshop last weekend. We talked about cutting back on sittings to avoid burnout. Some day I hope to have that problem. Right now, I think i’d have to pay someone to sit for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Happy to hear that business is going well for you! I was having just the same thought the other day about being SO busy, so glad to hear it’s not just me. We’re still slammed with work (especially compared to this time last year)–both photography and day jobs–so the mere time to shoot more creative opportunities may not reappear until November, but hopefully the fall colors will still be here! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sending you positive energy for continued success!
    Cheers from Chicago–

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