Custom Photo Valentine’s

I love paper and cute cards. I love photography. So anytime I can combine the two, I’m a happy camper. And since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I created a fun Photoshop template to share with all of you! These cute little enclosure cards fold up to be 4″x4″ and because they fold up they don’t even require an envelope! You just choose your own photo and drop it into the template. Then print it, cut it out and fold it up.

I chose a piece of scrapbooking paper that had stripes on one side and was white on the other side. Then I printed my finished card onto the white side, cut it out, folded it up and sealed it with a sticker. You can choose any patterned or colored paper as long as it’s white on one side and any fun sticker you have lying around.

I hope this template inspires you to spread a little photo love this Valentine’s Day! XOXO




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    I agree, this is a great little project.
    But I love that shot! I love the expressions on both of their faces.
    Thanks for making me smile as I sipped my morning coffee :)

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    Such a great idea, thank you for sharing it! Our 3 yr old daughter has inspired me to become enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day for the first time…in a looooong time. We’ve already had so much fun with it and there are still a few more weeks to enjoy :)

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    This is awesome and I have the perfect square photo to go in the spot. I’ll be using this template for the kids valentine’s this year. Thanks!

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    Jamie, I think the instructions included with the template should work for the most part with a PC in Elements. But instead of hitting apple G, try control G to place the photo in the layer mask.

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