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My family and I moved into our house over six years ago and  it wasn’t until last week that we hung a photo gallery on our family room wall. Six years. And it was actually my husband’s idea!

We have artwork and photos around our house, don’t get me wrong. But an actual true photo gallery, we have never had. And I (like many of you) have THOUSANDS of pictures.

Just over a year ago when Oprah came calling, some friends and I hurried to hang a few great shots. Yes, it took a visit from the Oprah show to get me to enlarge, frame and hang my photos. I vowed I would take that lead and run with it. Did I mention that was over a year ago? And in case you’re freaking out about my Oprah comment (really long story short) my clip was never on the show and although I made it to the show, I was never on the show either. You can exhale now.

Back to our photo gallery; I LOVE it. And I can’t believe how easy it was to put together and hang.

Consider this your gentle nudge, your sisterly reminder that your images were taken not only for YOU but to share. Honor your yourself, your family and your creative talent and pick a few of your favorites to get up on your walls.

What’s the rush? The Aaron Brothers Semi-Annual 1 Cent Sale is happening right now (buy one, get one for a penny)! It’s one of my favorite stores of all time anyway but when the sale is happening I’m giddy with possibilities! And what perfect timing with all this creating we’re doing around here, don’t you think?? Even if you’re wanting to branch out and dabble in painting (like we’re doing around here) the canvasses are also buy one, get one for a penny too. Even my kids are excited. No, I’m not kidding.

In other words, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own gallery!

If you’ve already got some photos framed and on display then you’re ahead of the game and in that case, you’ve got to share what you’ve got. What photographic treasures have you surrounded yourself with? Inspire us!

You can keep up with all things Aaron Brothers at their website, their facebook page and on Twitter.


  1. says

    i’ve been talking about it for years… and i still havn’t made our wall of photos… thanks for the prompt. i am in canada, but my parents are in texas for the winter. i think i will send them a skype today and ask them to track down aaron brothers….thank you!! i need a few frames and some canvases! wooo hooo!

    as for the oprah comment… i totally flipped when i read that…. off to read more about it! wow that musta been something!

    love your wall… xxo, kim

  2. says

    family photo gallery aka wall of fame has been on my agenda for years here and i’ve been in this house seven years — but, i intend to put my studio to good use sorting through kids’s art, photos and the like to create our gallery — thx so much for the link, tracey!

  3. says

    I have three photos of the same tree above our bed. Flipped it left, centered it and flipped it right. It’s very beautiful. I am so glad I did it, but I wish I had glare free glass on the pictures. You can see the photo here

    I was having trouble deciding on which finish to use and posted the photo on our blog.

    I love being able to make my own art, it gives me the freedom to change it out when my mood changes!

  4. says

    I LOVE Aaron Brothers so so so so so much! Seriously, their penny sale is one of the best things in life.

    It took having a Christmas Party in order to get me to print out photos, buy frames, and hang a picture gallery (even though I had been dying to do so for over a year).

  5. Liz says

    perfectly timed post! i just decided a week or two ago that the giant, somewhat unstable plaster wall in my living room is going to be adorned with not one big piece of art, but many smaller photographs! now to get me some of those frames…

  6. says

    For a brief period of time in September I had my walls covered with some of my images. I had them there because I had a show to put them in. I loved having my work on my walls so I could see them in a different place other than my computer. The show is over, but now most of them are on the walls of my bank and the rest are at the spa I work at.

    This post I just did today has an image I am going to make into a canvas gallery wrap to put on my wall. I have lots of images I want to do that to.

  7. Kristin says

    This is too funny! I just went in to Aaron Brothers last week and bought a bunch of frames during their penny sale to do this exact same thing! I decided it was finally time to get some of the pictures out of the computer and up onto the wall!

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