simply autumn

There would be no autumn if there were no leaves to fall.

It begins with the changes in color. Summer’s vivid greens turn shades of gold and orange, some a raucous red, and then finally to crunchy browns underfoot.  We watch the show from our windows, our walks, and our drives.  It is a grand show indeed.  So much change in what seems such a short time.  An overload of beauty and a feast for the senses. Seems everywhere you click in the Shutter Sister pool right now you are bound to find images of autumn’s bounty. 

On the ground.

In a little hand.

Up in the trees.

In flight.

single leaf or a full carpet.

Let’s all celebrate autumn’s simplicity.  Have fun with it.  Maybe go outside and make yourself a leaf pile and jump on in!  Perhaps treasure hunt for the perfect leaf and make a leaf rub, or press it in a book to rediscover in seasons to come.  What colors and shapes are you drawn to? Do you search for the biggest brightest leaf you can find, or are you drawn to the small?

Autumn’s show will be coming to a close up here in the cold north.  All too soon I will be surrounded by monotones and bare sticks. So today show me your favorite leaf shot. OVERLOAD me with all that glorious color that mother nature provides.   I can never get enough.  


  1. marina says

    thank you Kristin for the joy you transmit with this post and your incredibly colourful autumn shots!!!
    here are two photos in which I tried to capture the colours and the effects made by the leaves still attached to the branches and moving in the wind (you could call them two imperfect shots, due to their blurriness, but this is the month of imperfection, so here they are!):

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