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It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand of them. But what about words that stand alone? Words that jump out at us from brick walls, sidewalks, or the back of buildings? What about words we find, words of our choosing, words that sit heavy with importance?

Words are a life line to me. I picture them with personality and quirks of their own, much like the people that live and breathe around me. Words stand with arms crossed and narrowed eyes, they tiptoe, they tilt their head back to the sky, they whisper, they shout. They are the abc’s of letterhood, all standing single file arranging themselves into words, holding hands to form sentences, waiting to enter your line of vision at just the right moment.

Words can be anchors to keep us down or they can be rescue ropes to pull us out. On good days I find reassurance. And on bad days I find reassurance too. If the universe could speak what would it say? Perhaps that life is beautiful, or you are beautiful, or the three little words we most need to hear. 

If you haven’t found any words with your camera lately, maybe try seeking them out today. Look in all the familiar places, you might be surprised by what you find. If you have no camera, share with me your most favorite word. And I will compile a list of yours and add it to my own.

In exchange (and in honor of Giveaway May) I will share with you a string of my own words. Just leave a comment here by Thursday at midnight, with your favorite word or photo of a word. One lucky winner will receive a copy of my self published book Life Is Weird.

Words words everywhere, give me yours and I’ll give you mine. And today, we’ll help the world spin round and round.


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yay for even-repeating-numbers! congratulations to cinco_mom who was our 22nd commenter and wins the Life Is Weird book giveaway!


  1. DorkyMum says

    Great post – I too am a huge fan of words. The best ones are the unexpected ones. I didn’t notice the word in this shot while I was taking it, it was only when I was viewing it on my computer later that I saw the word, and it made me so happy :)


    These are some other favourites:



    And, ever optimistic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dorkymum/4384616829

  2. says

    "Words words everywhere, give me yours and I’ll give you mine. And today, we’ll help the world spin round and round."

    I couldn’t agree more in general, and I love this sentence in particular.

    I have started a little project I call ‘Shooting language’. Quite possibly it’s an impossible project, but I very much enjoy it anyway, as I attempt to find new ways to view the language that surrounds me. My favourite language shot so far is perhaps this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85057042@N00/4534478140/in/set-72157623758854455/

  3. says

    I need to pay better attention to the words around me. I’m glad that i read this today. I’ve been drowning in boxes and general upheaval from our move, and this seemed to ground me a bit.

    My favorite word? How about


  4. Clara says

    Currently, my favorite word is "liminal." It’s defined as an intermediate state or phase. I think of it as that magic in-between time between day and night, or night and dawn, or the imperceptible nano-second between being undecided and making a decision. Perhaps, too, it’s those "spaces in between," the ones between words, that convey the real meaning of what is being said.

  5. says

    p.s. My favourite word is Firetruck. It is wonderful to just enjoy the sounds of the word as they go through your mouth….a good F, a good, R, a good TR, with a great CK at the end. Feels great to say.

  6. says


    It’s the one word left on my fridge from a box of Magnetic Poetry and I love that it’s the last one standing… : )

  7. says

    oh yes messages from the universe. i think they are there when you NEED to find them. i love when you notice one you must have walked past many times and never taken notice til that one day (usually a bad one) when you SEE it and recieve it.

    i try and keep an eye out for those positive words.
    i love stumbling on some and honestly i am ALWAYS more than tempted to leave some of my own…. perhaps one day i will.

    here was one i found a few weeks ago on a walk in philly with my best friend. she turned to me and said every time she walks past this she think of me. somehow that makes this all the more special.


  8. says

    oh, i really like this post, merideth! i knew it was from you before i even finished reading it.

    i would LOVE to win your book, but even if that was not incentive to comment, i would still be so happy to participate in your prompt, because i love words and letters and typography {must be the graphic designer in me}. i love adding words to my photos. but now as an aspiring photographer, i would really like to seek them out in the photo to begin with. something i definitely want to practice doing more of. it’s one of the reasons i would love to live in the city {chicago}, because i feel like there would be so many interesting words and signs to photograph.

    oh, now i’m rambling. : )
    ok, i shot this today in response to your post:

    but on sunday, i created my own word… well, what i mean is i spelled it out myself. it was not already there. here is a little story about it.

    and you are right… life IS beautiful.

  9. Alice says

    Piecemeal; bit by bit, start something without really knowing which direction it will take (my definition :) )

  10. Tracy Cooper says


    (a palatable flavor and pleasing texture. Delicious.)

    A word I use whenever I want comfort food.

  11. says

    I love the word "portfolio." It’s mysterious and contains many possibilities.

    I also love the word "tump." I was convinced that I made it up (it means "to turn over when taking a corner really fast in a car"), but I don’t think so. :/

  12. says

    I really loved this post. Thank you. It got me thinking and my mission now is to find my word. I think if the universe could speak it would say: LIVE. DREAM. CREATE. LOVE. INSPIRE. RELAX.

    Maybe my favourite Korean word is: 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo). It’s a greeting, like hello, but literally it means ‘well, you do?’ I love the way it sounds, and when each syllable is carefully pronounced. I especially love the ‘yo’ at the end. And, I love that people say it to everyone; a passerby by on the street, a stranger, a friend. It’s a great word.

  13. melissa says

    thank you, meredith for your words that bring images to life. my word (besides love)…dance. dance and allow yourself to be danced.

  14. says

    I am a big fan of words too! That is why WORDLESS WEDNESDAY is super hard for me to participate in on the garden blogger network.

    I feel a ‘ahhhh…..’ coming on in to days ‘wordless’.

  15. Natasha says

    My word for the year is transform, and this is the word I see all around me, even when I forget to look.

  16. Krista Kruger says

    My favorite word right now is frog… for some reason they make me laugh. Reminds me of giggling!

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