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Diana. Brownie. Hawk-Eye. Rebel. Regardless their names, our cameras are trusted companions—microscopes, flashlights, paint brushes, pens, instruments, magic wands. They become extensions of who we are not only as photographers but as people. We look through the lens and see the world as only we can see it. Our view finders frame the art of our daily lives and those around us. Now more than ever, photography has become just another part of our human experience, so it would figure that the cameras themselves are as enchantingly eclectic as the artists that use them or the art they collaborate in creating. I find myself drawn to the way we use our beloved cameras; how we hold and carry them, sling them over our shoulder or wield them like conductor’s sticks. There’s a kind of intrigue there. And why not? The art is as much about the process itself as the end result after all.

This post was originally published in the first issue of LP Creative Humans Magazine, on sale now.


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Have you taken a photo of your sweet gear? Share your camera love today! We’re compiling a list of pet names for your camera. If you got one, share that too.


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    I come from a long line of shutterbugs and so, with the exception of a few thrifted Polaroids, all of my vintage cameras come with a story. My grandpa’s Brownies, my great-aunt’s first Polaroid Land Camera, even a home movie camera dating back to the 1930s, I treasure them all and hope to eventually shoot with as many of them as I can. I’m pretty sure there is no film to be found for this one but I love it anyway:

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    I only have two cameras right now – my 35mm Minolta and my Canon Rebel. I’ve named the Rebel Claire. It seemed appropriate since the name means "light." But I have grand plans for a camera collection – it’s on my list of "30 By 30." :)

    Here’s me and the Minolta – the camera I "learned" on:

    And me and Claire:

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    Here’s my collection of Canon gear: 5D Mark I with "The Hulk" attached, my 2nd Rebel body (after my original series Rebel wore out) with a Sigma 70-300 tele, my Powershot Elph purse camera, and it’s underwater case. I haven’t picked up a pet name yet for my 5D, but we’re only in the first year of our relationship, so I still have plenty of time.

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    I have a *huge* collection of vintage cameras. In fact I have too many and have started clearing out my stash (oi vay it’s hard to see them go but seriously, how many cameras does a girl need?!!)

    I *love* photographing them.

    Here’s one of my Hawkeyes (just like the gorgeous gal above):

    And here’s one of my favorite self portraits with my Argus (affectionately called "Argie"):

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