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Technology has become a near seamless part of our everyday lives. From our phones to our cameras to our computers (and beyond) we not only fully accustomed to technology, we are utterly dependant on it. And we don’t even think about it much anymore. Except when we can’t find WiFi or we are somewhere that doesn’t have good cell service (yes, there are still places like that). All this and yet, I am still blown away that many photographers now have never even shot film. They’ve never needed to. I’m not sure I’ll ever really wrap my brain around that! I am well aware that totally gives away my age, by the way.

For as much as I enjoy shooting the simple stuff…breakfastbubble blowing, bath time, etc…I love capturing slivers of technology. Everything from Wii remotes, iPods, DS’s to our new family iPad can be just as charming as any other “prop” from daily life.

Today, in honor of the brand new tech resource site, Cool Mom Tech (yet another brainchild of the clever gals behind Cool Mom Picks) we want to see images expressing your relationship with the technology in your life. Show us what you got and how you work it, technically speaking.


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    My non-techie, wrench and hammer preferring 15 year-old boy received an iTouch last Thursday. We sat on the couch last night as he demonstrated the functions and showed me the games he'd uploaded.

    Where'd he learn how to do that? And more importantly, I had no idea that kid's fingers and thumbs could fly! The dexterity and speed were amazing to behold.

    Photos? They'd be a picture of s till with frenetic activity over the screen.

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    This is true! I'm 30 years old and I can remember using our Polaroid when I was a kid, I loved that thing! I used film for the longest time. It's fun thinking about all of the different cameras we've owned. It is much easier with technology, you just hook it up and poof, done! D

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    Thank you so much Tracey! We're so inspired from all these incredible photos. We love the idea that tech can be lovely too. If not…why bother, I suppose. The links here are a perfect reminder that we're not alone. And we really hope you enjoy our site.

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    I guess I have my father for loving photos and slides. I can't imagine what it must be like never to have shot film and never having had this feeling that you can't just delete a photo!

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