Creativity and Art

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.” ~James Russell Lowell, poet

You are all such amazing artists.  Take one look at the Shutter Sister’s flickr pool and you will see the awe inspiring visual poetry that is created and captured through the cameras lens. Through your blogs and photos I’ve also discovered how so many of you are talented and creative in more than just photography. As a busy wife, mother to four and painter I have learned through the years that art is not just a photograph or painting, meant to be hung on a gallery wall. It is anything and everything we put a piece of our soul into. Isn’t that so wonderfully freeing?

Creativity and art, like the quote above states, is taking what is ordinary and making it extraordinary and personal.  It is seeing a gorgeous photo from my friend Claire and making it into a painting.  It is seeing the light hit your property fence and clicking.  It is making breakfast and choosing what to set your focus on.  This is art. 

By choosing to be mindful in our daily life and in ordinary routines, we can spark tremendous creativity within us.  Art is found in how we love, how we live, how we teach our children, and how we laugh

Today, show us all of your creativity and art.  Let’s see your photographs, your paintings, your scrapbook pages, the way you home school, your jewelry designs, your home, your poetry and especially…your heart.

Image and words courtesy of the lovely artist/photographer Andie Edwards.


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    What a beautiful picture. I really love dropping by this magic place so thank you for the joy and inspiration you bring me.

    Malene from Denmark

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    I absolutely love today's photo!! So delicate, yet colorful, and very pretty!
    I am not the most creative person in the world. About the only way I express myself creatively these days is through photography. I am trying to embrace the artistic/crafty side of myself for the sake of my daughter though; she paints or draws or does some other crafty thing almost every day. Here she is finger painting:

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    We have a pottery studio and art gallery. Many people come in and say, "I wish I were creative." When we ask, "What do you do?" we hear, "I am a mom" or a nurse or a librarian or a barista or whatever. Creativity manifests in many many different ways. What is more creative than being a parent? We are all creative. We sometimes don't know it. Or we forget. :-)

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    oh Andie I love this post. The talent here amazes me daily. i believe everyone is creative in some form – although some don't recognize it in themselves as such – it is there.
    my newest creative outlet has been in metalsmithing. here is one of my recent pieces – inspiration drawn from watching my dad in his woodworking shop.

    sometimes i see art simply in the way my dishes are set to dry
    or a plate on the table
    i love that i can capture these things instantly with my camera

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    My creativity helps keep me sane! Whether with photography, clothing design and sewing, words, drawing, etc…it all helps to be an outlet. Creating beautiful things makes me happy.

    I think everyone is capable of creating art in their own way. :)

    This is a photo manipulation I did of my daughter. I also designed/drafted/made her dress that she is wearing in it.

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    Thank you so very much for linking to me!
    This is a great reminder that I need to shoot more. It's such a struggle in the stress of every day life to stay creative.

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