story of place

I live where the sea shapes the landscape. Place is easily identified by weathered clapboard shingles, stacks of lobster traps, and croppings of tangled wild sea roses. Wild and weathered, the stories of long harsh winters and achingly beautiful autumns. A place where tradition and nature are closely intertwined.

Today show us a story of place with one of your images.

Are you surorunded by wide open spaces, or perhaps concrete urban landscapes?

What speaks “home” to you?



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  1. Lorie Leguire says

    I moved to Seattle about 4 years ago from New York. I fell in love with this wonderfully dynamic city. It is the perfect blending of the large urban environment and layed-back coastal beauty. There is the quaint boating life, surrounded by a bustling city, yet further surrounded by a breathtaking mountainous ski-resort landscape. The social environment is one of progressive, tolerant, peace-loving values. Many of my photographs attempt to capture this dynamism.

  2. says

    My parents live a mile down the road from me and as a result my boys spent a good bit of their childhood running around their lovely 11 acre plot of land. To all of us, their place represents home even though I had grown up and left home before the moved there. There is an old oak tree out front that has become somewhat of an icon for "home" in my boys eyes. This shot shows a yellow ribbon wrapped around it during my youngest son's last deployment to Afghanistan. When he returned, he actually got a tattoo of this tree and the fence line with the words "Home" underneath. I'm thinking of a way to work both into a composition, but for now here is the image we think of when we think of home:

  3. says

    Love the story of your place and a beautiful photo to show it.

    I live in Southern California. I am lucky because, there are so many different views of my place…..

    Seal Beach Peir:

    Disneyland Fireworks:

    Long Beach. My commute:

    Horse Stables in Fullerton:

  4. says

    This isn't where I live (unfortunately) but it has been a place of tradition annually over the last 18 years thanks to some special friends. My first visit was while newly dating my husband….and August was our last visit with our four children. It is a place we look forward to…..the quietness, the smell, the fun, the memories. And this particular spot is my favorite to look at and photograph.

  5. says

    I think this is one of my favourite posts on shutter sisters, I loved looking at everyone's home pics.

    I live in a warm place in Australia – Brisbane, Queensland. I'm not from this part of Australia and I'd love to move back home but here is where I am for the moment. It's now Spring in the southern hemisphere and quite pretty so when I go for walks I take lots of photos:

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