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Lensbaby kindly offered us at Camp Shutter Sisters a chance to play with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and one of my highlights of camp was hosting a walk down to the beach to experiment with these babies. I had been playing and learning the joys and difficulties of the Lensbaby Composer Pro before I arrived at camp, hoping to impart some knowledge or tips once we were there.

What I have discovered is that playing is the best way to approach this lens. It’s kinda like going back to basics, like when we first learnt how to use our cameras. You have to focus manually, find the “sweet spot”, maybe bend the lens to create some movement and find peace with the dreamy effect and what lands in your camera.

Some people get it right away, some get frustrated, some enjoy the challenge, some have patience to wait and discover something special and some do not. Sometimes working hard for an image makes it extra special. Thankfully many of the campers surrendered to the beauty of what was happening and some magic ensued…..

Beautiful fun moments, carefully crafted portraits, and breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Thank you Lensbaby for giving us the opportunity to play and create on camp.

We wanted to keep the Lensbaby love flowing, so please leave a comment today for a chance to win a Lensbaby Composer Pro of your very own, how exciting! You have until midnight Thursday night EST to leave a comment for your chance to win!

Congratulations to Kimberly Bowler for winning the Lensbaby and thanks to all of you for your comments!


  1. says

    I am crazy jealous of all the fun and experimenting you guys had at camp.
    I have spent a lot of time looking through peoples flickr accounts, astounded by the creativity and friendship created at camp.

  2. says

    I have seen what some create with their Lensbaby and I would love to get my hands on one to play! What fun that would be and what a great new challenge! Thank you for this opportunity to put my name in the hat <3

  3. Sherry says

    Really liked the Arrival at the Beach photo – added feel of motion – you can see/feel the wind blowing. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. Suzi says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these babies. I've been coveting them for a while now. The photos from camp are magical.

  5. says

    Oh, how I love the Lensbaby! I love what it does for portraits AND landscapes alike. I have a Lensbaby 2.0 and have been lusting after a newer model for quite some time. I would love a bit more control and smoothness when finding the sweet spot.

  6. says

    I would love to have a lensbaby! It would sort of make up for the missed opportunity of camp. sort of. :) And it would be the first lens I pack when I attend next year.

  7. says

    After I got my dSLR a couple of years ago, I bought the Lensbaby 2.0 to experiment and see if I wanted to go whole hog. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it. Enter my 50mm compact macro and the Lensbaby hasn't seen the light of day since. These photos are so lovely, though, my interest would be easily renewed if I won the Composer; I know it's a huge improvement over the 2.0.

  8. Gillian says

    I just purchased the Lensbaby Scout Fisheye Lens and I have been having a blast learning to use it. I thought the Scout would be a good introduction to the Lensbaby line. I would love to expand my Lensbaby collection. Thanks for this opportunity!

  9. says

    I would dearly love to play around with the magic that can be created with a Lensbaby.

    And I have to echo Lisa's comment that I am [kind of jealously] enjoying going through the pictures and posts from Camp Shutter Sisters. You have made a wonderful creative community of women, and I think that's amazing.

    Thank you for all that you do to inspire us.

  10. says

    I love my lens baby! I don't have the pro though, just the first composer. I love the fisheye lens insert best. The pinhole gives me the most challenge, but I have captured some really cool moments with it too!

  11. says

    I so, so want a tilt and shift lens – but this actually looks like it might do what I need!
    I love the photos you guys have taken – super-dreamy :)

  12. says

    LOVED playing with the Lensbaby at camp (thanks for including one of my shots!). It was really fun and made for some really unique shots. I'd love to add it to my tool kit!

  13. says

    OMG! OMG! I am jumping in my seat I want one so bad! I just love the effects these little babies create and I want and learn and play and create my own!

  14. says

    I have a lensbaby muse- and am slowly gaining patience to use it 😉 I'd LOVE the Composer Pro I think it would fit my style a bit more!

  15. says

    Oh WOW! I'm so excited! I've been wanting a lensbaby for a while but couldn't justify the purchase. I would love to win one! Thanks for the opportunity. Yipppy!

  16. sferka says

    Looking through the Lensbaby is like peeping through the keyhole. Behind the magic door appears different reality. Lensbaby let you catch everyday stories to discern fabulous world in them. They let you, maybe let me too.

  17. sarah w. says

    Ooh ooh ooh! Lensbaby's are so much fun! I would LOVE one as I was really just discovering them at camp and did really well with it. :)

  18. Linda says

    Oh what fun it must have been to walk with a group of like-minded ladies and play with a Lensbaby! I have seen some of the lovely shots taken with that lens and would love to try it!

  19. WhenToyzAttack says

    I get all weak in the knees looking at the Lensbaby website and making my dream list of all the things I want to buy! And, photos from from camp are just heavenly….could look at those all day!

  20. D. van der Veen says

    I think it's great to play with a lens baby. The focal point where you want to submit and the blur around it.
    I would love to endlessly play with a lens baby.
    And making great shots.

  21. chris says

    Love the lensbabies. I used to have one several years ago – the original version. Wished I never got rid of it!

  22. says

    so bummed that i missed the camp out with all the sisters, maybe next year? at any rate, this is a rock'in giveaway – i have had the lensbaby on my wish list since 2008! :)

  23. says

    i had so much fun with this little lens. definitely took some getting used to but i did manage to get a few nice shots! would love to have one of my own. two hours just wasn't enough! thanks to the kind folks at Lensbaby!

  24. says

    Ahhh! I wish with all my heart that I would have been able to be there. I've been dying to get my hands on a lensbaby! Crossing my fingers 😀

  25. says

    Wow! How much would I love to take the Lensbaby I have on my Amazon wish list OFF? Fingers and toes crossed. Loved looking at the Lensbaby pics everyone took.

  26. claudia says

    I have a lensbaby muse that I would gladly trade for a composer! I have some arthritic problems with my hands that I didn't realize would impact working it properly… so I've never been that pleased with any of my shots :( I'm always in awe of shots people take though… so funky :)

  27. says

    synchronicity? a lensbaby crossed my mind today as i was asking my sweetie about photography — he is a photographer, i am not — although i used to love it as a kid in the old instamatic days!

  28. Theresa says

    I would love to get my hands on that new Composer Pro! I hope to see it up close and personal at the PhotoExpo in NYC on Friday.

  29. Kathy says

    I would love to own a lensbaby! I have seen so many wonderful moments captured with a lensbaby, but have not tried one out myself. Would love the opportunity play with this baby!

  30. says

    I have wanted a Lensbaby for so long, and I don't know anyone personally who has one for me to try out. Seems like everyone I know (me included) gets wrapped up in the business of photography and the ART of it falls to the wayside. Maybe today (or I guess tomorrow, technically) will be my lucky day!

  31. paula says

    I love the idea that out-of-focus is now a virtue instead of a failing! Plus the things you can do with a Lensbaby look so incredibly cool!

  32. says

    I love the photos this lens can create. I've played around with it and you are so right about going back to basics on this lens. How fun of this company to let you play.

  33. Dana says

    I have been wanting one for a while, I just love the endless creative possibilities they seem to offer. What a generous offer, thank you!

  34. Catherine C R says

    Wow- I have been oogling over the lensbaby for quite a while now. It would be a dream to call one my own- thanks for the chance!

  35. Angie says

    That was really nice of the folks at Lensbaby. I bet you guys had a ball playfully creating photographs while using it. How cool is that? Pretty cool I'd say. Thanks for sharing the Lensbaby love with all of us here. :)

  36. Rebecc says

    Can only imagine how much fun and inspiring camp must have been! I'm hoping that I've been good enough this year that Santa might leave a Lensbaby under the tree =)

  37. Maria says

    Curious, I had to check this out and see exactly what one of these could do, so I checked out the Lensbaby site — all I can say is I want to be able to do that. This works on cityscapes to portraits to florals, and lots more. Very cool!

  38. says

    While attending the MOAB Photo Symposeum last May, I had an opportunity to use a LensBaby at the volkswagon museum (junkyard). I am totally hooked with this incredibly creative piece of equipment. I have my fingers crossed!

  39. says

    I am the perpetual student and sometimes the teacher. It would be a dream to have an opportunity to discover a new tool and then share what I could do with it! Thanks for this opportunity, Kim.

  40. says

    I've been wondering how well the lensbaby composer would work. and what exactly the learning curve on it would be. Ilove things that force me back to the basics of photography cause I often end up with some of my favorite photos from it.

  41. Teri Virbickis says

    Awesome creativity! Lensbaby opens a new world to photographers to expand their inner creativity! It's been on my wish list for quite some time!

  42. Bonnie says

    I have to admit that I have been afraid to try the lensbaby, but I think I just need a little nudge . . . like you put in this post. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  43. says

    Oh I LOVE the Lensbaby line! I have the Scout and am SO excited to be bringing the Fisheye and the Double Glass Optic with me on an African safari trip next week! Such awesome, compact products made so affordable! LOVE Lensbaby!

  44. says

    I love Lensbabys!! Have always wanted one, just can't afford them as a poor college kid majoring in photography…Would totally be blessed to have one!

  45. Darlene says

    I love the photos I have seen taken with the lens baby and would love the opportunity to have one – I need a new toy to play with during my recovery

  46. Katie K says

    Oh, how I would love to win a Lensbaby! I have been on the Lensbaby website too many times to admit over the last two weeks. I have been drooling over it and all of the camp shots on flickr, and I would just love to have one myself. Please (pretty please, with sugar on top) pick me.

  47. Kathy Dickinson says

    I am an amateur in everyway but would love to have a Lensbaby. Each picture I see taken with one is so unique it's like exploring a new world. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all!

  48. Diane Poff says

    I would love to win one of these, love the photos I've seen here and on lensbaby's web site, I 've been looking at them for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!!!

  49. alissa says

    Ugh, lens babies are my favorite ever! I've been dying for a composer pro. It would be like an early Christmas present to myself! I dream of doing an entire senior session with one :)

  50. says

    Great pix and a great lens option. Used a composer that a friend owns and have been bitten by the Lensbaby bug. Just waiting for 'Santa' to doe his thing hopefully!!! Thanks for the opportunity to get one sooner!!

  51. says

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  52. says

    thanks for the review ~ I have curious about these little babies. waiting for my local shop to rent them so I can give it a test drive. they sound like great fun to use and play around with.

  53. Nathalie says

    I just started the 365 project and kep coming across very nice photos taken with a lensbaby. I would love to win one. Thank you Shutter Sister for such an exciting giveaway.

  54. says

    New technology is amazing, isn't it! Would love the opportunity to play with one of these. Don't want to become that "grandmother who can't even work the dvr"! Thanks for the chance!

  55. Katie K says

    Ok, so I went and looked at the Lensbaby Composer at a photo store again today, and really, it is just incredible. It creates such interesting and dreamy images. I could have played with it in the store for hours.

    Please pick me!

  56. says

    I made some silly decision a while back that I didn't need a Lensbaby but then I kept seeing these great photographs made by all you amazing Sister artists and now, I don't know how I've lived without one. Playing is my most favorite way to photograph. I just have to remind myself daily, as I get caught up in the technical details, to PLAY.

    A Lensbaby would be a wonderful way to keep playing. Thank you for this opportunity.

  57. Jet Tilton says

    The lensbaby system would probably be excellent for children's portraiture, and I've heard that the Sweet 35 is also nice.
    Would love to have one for my Nikon!

  58. Irene says

    Fantastic! Love this blog and your images…. thank you for the inspiration! Always wanted to give LensBaby a try :)

  59. says

    how exciting to get the chance to play around with the lensbaby! i have been wanting to do so for a while but haven't got around to it yet. love the effects that the different lenses give.

  60. Kendall says

    I am totally in love with yalls photos and the photo's made by Lensbabys–they're just gorgeous!! I would be so blessed to have on of my own.

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  62. says


  63. says

    Hello…..I'd love to discover what lensbaby is all about!!! Wished I had all that fun at camp, but glad u all did, so wonderful.I have seen what some create with their Lensbaby and I would love to get my hands on one to play! What fun that would be and what a great new challenge. had so much fun with this little lens. definitely took some getting used to but i did manage to get a few nice shots! would love to have one of my own. two hours just wasn't enough! thanks to the kind folks at Lensbaby. had so much fun with this little lens. definitely took some getting used to but i did manage to get a few nice shots! would love to have one of my own. two hours just wasn't enough! thanks to the kind folks at Lensbaby.thanks

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