sweet puppy love


Oh my word…  look at this little sweetheart!

Is she not ADORABLE?


Meet 6 week old Roxie…. a precious little lab, spaniel cross.

She’s not mine….  but honestly, I would take her in a second…. :) Ben loved her too….

In fact, we all turned to mush….right here….. every one of us… kissing her…loving her… holding her….. oooing and awing…… 

There’s something about a puppy that makes my heart melt…. How ’bout you? What makes your heart melt? Please share with us, today.


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    How utterly gorgeous that photo is. Little puppies and kittens always melt my heart, as do chubby little babies. How could they not?! :)

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    I just so happened to photo blog about my favorite pup yesterday. He makes my heart melt, but my heart completely dissolves when I see his "daddy" (my son) turn into mush over him. My son is an Iraqi war vet who has PTSD and a traumatic brain injury. It has been a real struggle for him to integrate back into civilian life after being medically retired. This dog has been a miracle in terms of my son's recovery.


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    Hi Kim!

    I didn't have children and I don't have any pets, but I LOVE babies of just about any species :~) In fact, I've kind of been on a baby kick for a few weeks after coming across these little darlings on a couple of my recent photo ramblings:


    xo, Elaine

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    Puppy is precious and it is obvious your deep love for Ben, puppies and all these furry little four legged playmates. My love are my young grandchildren, although not furry, they are fun playmates. Beautiful photo.

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    For me it's definitely adorable little puppies like the cutie in the pic above and of course, cute babies. Love this beautiful picture, the point of view is great.

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