Making Art With Textures

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I love using textures on my photos…. 

It’s a creative process for me…. very much like painting. Layer upon layer …blending, building, and chipping away… til I’m happy with the final piece.

I don’t think texturizing is meant to be hurried or rushed. I think it’s a process… a bit of an experiment…..and it should be a pleasure.

I often have people ask me ‘how do you know which texture to use?’

There are so many right and fabulous textures. It really depends what you are trying to create. 

For me, it starts with a vision. The vision may come before the photograph…or it may come after, as I’m looking at the photo on my screen. Once I have a vision (a starting point) I begin building layers. Often the finished piece is not at all what I envisioned. And honestly that’s one of the things I love most about the process. 

Today’s photo was definitely a progressive piece….  

I had taken a bunch of shots out in the yard and on the porch, and at the last moment, snapped this one. When I opened it up…. it just seemed to say ‘MAKE ART’! I knew some texture was just what it needed.

As you work with textures….play, experiment…and grow… the process will become more natural. It may even seem like a certain texture just calls to you.


Here’s my photoshop recipe for today’s image……

Texturized with ‘cloudy day’ and ‘inspire’ overlay from The Studio Collection.

Layer 1 – Background Image

Layer 2 – Background Image sharpened to accentuate the detail in the petals.

Layer 3 – Cloudy Day Texture at screen blend mode Inverted (Hit Command – on a mac or Control – on a pc plus the letter ‘I’ with the texture layer highlighted). Added a layer mask and removed a bit of the texture from the petals.  

Layer 4 – Duplicate Layer 3

Layer 5 – Duplicate Layer 4 

Layer 6 – Inspire Overlay at Soft Light Inverted (see layer 3 instructions on inverting)

Layer 7 – Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer – Lowered the Saturation for a more soft and romantic feel.


Have you been bitten by the texture bug?

If not, you really outta give it a whirl….It may just surprise you. :)

Today, share your a favourite textured photo. We’d love to see.


If this photoshop/texture thing is brand new to you, check out my FREE Skinny-Mini eCourse that starts next week. I’d love to see you in ‘class’…..


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    here is some of my latest that I worked on, I love using textures. They add some more depth to photos.

  2. says

    Kim, another beautiful piece of photographic art. Love it.

    I've discovered a new reason to use textures. I recently shot some images at the aquarium and had to bump up the ISO on my camera to get the shots. One shot I particularly loved had a lot of grain. I tried several grain reducing steps that helped, but the dark background and the simple composition still had that grainy look. What did I do? Added a texture to make this a work of art! Look for this shot to turn up on my blog at a later date. :)

    I have two images I'd like to share. Two photos that needed a little "something" extra:

  3. says

    again a terrific image. love the text too. :-) i started to work with textures a view weeks ago, after your post on shutter sisters with de video tutorial.
    i really enjoy working with textures and the imaging all about. and the results are surprisingly fun.

    the link beneath shows a collage of two image i created lately.
    for the left i used your texture 'she loves you yeah'
    for the right one: 'simple things sample'

    started to create my own textures. it is not that simple as it seems, but along the way i learn a lot. en your textures are a beautiful source of inspiration. thanks for that. and for your inspiring posts. :-)

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    I could have written this…seriously….you wrote everything I feel and think when looking at my photos. It's a feeling you have and that is hard to explain. I love taking photos but the processing part is what I chomp at the bit for! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and ideas and your beautiful creative mind!

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    Years ago I took a photo with my Pentax ME Super, 35 mm film camera. Shot was dramatic…but the film ISO was too high and, like Doris, too grainy.

    I pulled it out last weekend, scanned it and applied texture for a special project for the Orick Rodeo's 50th Anniversary this weekend. The texture had the effect of creating an almost dreamy or painterly effect. Using it as a banner for this special project:

    A lovely reminder to NEVER discard images.

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    This is a great blog post! Love the flower with the textures! I actually love experimenting too with textures and techniques but haven't had the time lately. Thanks for the information and inspiring post!

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    Your textures add a deep mystery to an already brilliantly photographed flower. You must have a magic touch with more than your computer and camera, but with your gardening hands. This is a breath taking photograph which you touched with pixie dust.

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