Story Time

We indeed are the lucky ones. The ones who not only have creative tools at our fingertips but the ones who use those tools to tell the stories of us. Our milestones, our struggles, our successes, our relationships, our family, our love, our joy, our daily lives, our most mundane and our most magic. We point, focus, shoot. We talk, write, share. And with it all, we are documenting what’s most important to us.  We are writing the story of our lives, with every photograph, every word, every memory.

This month you are invited to join us as we honor the power, the beauty and the truth of our stories. It’s definitly going to be a celebration as we join forces with the amazing folks of Paper Coterie. This month they introduce their Everyday Storytellers; some amazing women (who you may recognize) who will be sharing their stories over there in hopes to encourage you to tell your own, which is why for this very special One Word Project we have chosen the word story.

As we head into September, the summer bids us farewell, the kids get back to school and routines settle in, let’s have our very own, grown-up girl, Shutter Sister Story Time!  Heck, why not make it a party! Our stories are worth all the hoop-la!

What would a party be without presents and prizes? Your heard right, we’ve got lots of gifts to give this month thanks to Paper Coterie. They really know how to throw a party!

Can’t wait another minute to hear more? Then let us unwrap it for you…everyone who chooses to share an image with us in our One Word Project flickr pool this month will receive a special gift from Paper Coterie! Everyone! All you have to do is:

1. shoot your story (for more info about how the OWP works, check out the about page)

2. upload your image to the Shutter Sisters OWP pool on Flickr (tag it “story”)

3. visit Paper Coterie on Facebook and tell them, that you shared a story with Shutter Sisters

4. graciously receive your gift

And be sure to check in each day on the OWP photo features page here at Shutter Sisters to see if your images gets featured. If it does you’ll be getting a bonus gift from Paper Coterie. That’s 29 story winners this month! Totally awesome!

And if that’s not enough, we will be giving away one $100 gift card EVERY SINGLE DAY of September (starting today) to one of YOU! All you have to do is share a comment each day before midnight EST for your chance to win that day’s random drawing. Be sure to leave links to your story shots.

Can you imagine?? All this goodness just for doing something you already do? Tell your story. We just love that!

It’s going to be quite a story celebration this month, isn’t it? We’re so glad to have you at our story time party with Paper Coterie and Everyday Storytellers. As far as we’re concerned, September doesn’t get better than this!


  1. says

    stories are made to be told. don't we all love listening and watching stories.
    last week i finished my summer story telling book. so this time i'll share with you not only one image but a bunch of it, bundled together. the reason why i want to share it here is, that it combines three interesting things together., the and there book 'expressive photography' and me.
    i'd like to invite you to take a look yourself. and it's up to you if it is story worth to tell. :-)

  2. says

    great word, great story and nice theme. I have no Facebook (yes, so it is, and I will not get it now, but will partcipate anyway: it promiss to be a lot of fun!
    Over at my blog there is a photo a day in August, telling one and thirty stories!

  3. says

    The universe must be sending a message. For the last month I have been thinking of how much fun it it is to tell a story with photography – a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. And then I was browsing through Vogue and read a birthday tribute to Grace Coddington. The tribute talked about her creative direction evokes a feeling, tells a story. And we all love stories – doesn't matter if we are all grown up. Just the word story brings a sparkle to the eye.

  4. blissmamaof3 says

    I just posted my story image to the Flickr Shutter Sisters OWP pool, my word for 2011 is story so I have been thinking along these lines all year! Thanks for so much fun!

  5. says

    Awesome! During a presentation for a videographer, she kept commenting that a photo can capture the moment but only a video can capture the story . . . I nearly came unglued because the photo captures everything and allows us to interpret so much more. Can't wait to see how this OWP unfolds!

  6. says

    oh, sweet! i love that september's word is story… i will being sharing my story all month long in the form of lists… one per day, as my birthday is the last day of the month and i will be leaving my thirties. so i celebrate my last days of my thirties there… and will tell my story in a way. so, giving these gifts all month long just made my birthday month even better! thanks! i've just entered my first "story" photo into the pool…
    here is the start of my story telling…

  7. says

    Thanks Shutter Sisters! I love the word "Story" it has different meaning to everyone and everyone usually has a story to share. I'm too late to be considered for today's give-away, but that's ok. I have a great story to share.

    A story of a family who enjoyed and shared a wonderful, historic sound-side cottage on the Outer Banks of NC for 40 years. Sadly it was destroyed by Hurricane Irene last weekend.

  8. says

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  9. Kathleen D says

    I'm also new to this site but it looks like September will be a fun month to hang out here for awhile and learn. Thank you. I'm eager to grab my camera and job in.

  10. Connie Ward says

    Stories! Wow! My brain is fried from remembering all of the stories that make up my life and the lives of the people I love. My dear aunt recently passed away. She was 98! I called her every single day for 6 1/2 years, and we talked every single day for almost an hour. She started to lose her memory about the last 6 months, and I still called her, and we still talked every single day. Our conversations were only 15 to 20 minutes long those last months, but I knew I was going to lose her, and I wanted to spend every precious moment with her that I could, even if it was on the telephone. She has now been gone almost 6 months, but I still reach for the telephone to call her. Her passing left a big hole in my heart, and I will always treasure the time we spent on the phone.

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