shadow play

Summer, or any day with good sun or light, is an opportunity to play with shadows. Shadows can bring out such a wide range of feelings and emotions. For example, shadows can be all about fun. I remember being a kid and playing “shadow tag,” a game like regular tag except the person who was “it” had to tag the next person by touching her shadow rather than touching her body. It was great fun to try and get your shadow away from the person who was it! Shadows can also be mysterious or distorted, full of curiosity and intrigue. Think about the dark and almost scary mood a shadow can invoke, particularly shadows cast from streetlights at night. There’s much room for play and creativity when shooting shadows.

While taking our regular evening walk the other night, I was struck by the shadow of my family in the street. The golden light of the late day made the sidewalk and street a beautiful orangish-yellow, and the low-hanging sun made our shadows long (check out our legs!). I loved the profile of our pup, Parker, and the way his leash was slack in my partner’s hand. I wanted to remember this moment, so I grabbed my iPhone and captured this shadow portrait of my family, elevating the very everyday walk we take together. 

Today, seek out some shadow play with your lens. Elevate your everyday and share it with us. Don’t forget to tag your shots with #sselevate. 

Image and words courtesy of Meghan Davidson of Life Refocused at 


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