Perhaps it’s the end of Summer or the start of Fall.  Maybe it’s my birthday or something in the stars. Or what I usually attribute it to; getting the kids back to school and getting back to a predictable routine. Whatever the case, this is always the time of year where I do the most reflecting.  For years I’ve marveled at the power of this—what seems to be for me—the new year. It’s no wonder I don’t fuss over the true New Year, taking it all lightly and in stride. It must be because I always do my seeking and searching now.

Reflecting on the past and reflecting on the future play equal parts in my annual soul pilgrimage. One is no more important that the other. In fact, they seem to work together in a perfect alchemy. Looking back, I am reminded of what has been. Looking ahead I can begin to forge my path into the future. Whether I choose to bring what the last year held along with me into the next is never certain. It’s different every year. And I guess that’s not really the point. The point is the time of reflection itself. Slowing down, being contemplative, breathing deeply, holding onto gratitude, shedding  tears, getting rest, listening, musing, and paying attention to every feeling, every memory, every whisper. That is where the true magic of reflections lie.

Today I encourage you to take the time for reflections, whatever that might mean to you and seek out ways to translate that into your images. Literally or figurative, let’s reflect together and share our findings as yet another way to Elevate the Everyday.


  1. Barbara Paulsen says

    I'm the same way. The start of the school year is my "new year" and when I think about what I'm going to do differently or what will stay the same.

  2. says

    Fantastic shot, it looking like you were changing lanes, which sums up this time of year!!! Happy Birthday fellow virgo :) My birthday is this coming week and I feel the same way about this being my new year. I tend to make more changes and resolutions this time of year rather than in January. And I always reflect on what has been and what could be. Here are some of my favorite reflection photos

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