comfort (zone)

Note to Self:
Focus on the light
When life is hard, pick up your camera
When days are joyful, pick up your camera
Every now and then try moving towards what scares you
Stretch your comfort zone, artistically ~ metaphysically ~ literally
Trust the process; no matter where it takes you, and remind those around you that they are loved.

I tend to turn things over in my hands and in my mind… I want to explore all perspectives. I want to touch all the seams: how we come together and how we fray apart. In doing so, I search for my humanness and our similarities; through this process, I find compassion and self care.  I do this through writing but mostly through self portraiture.

What is your comfort? Are you willing to ever step outside of that comfort zone? Even just once? Today share an image of “comfort”… food, self, weather… it’s different for each of us! For me, my comfort is always embracing my camera shyness and the ever present reminder of why I started down the path of self portraits in the first place. It’s taken many years, but I’m happy to say that my comfort is my self. 

. . . . . . . .

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    I cannot wait for round 2 of self portraits with you, Meredith. I take great comfort in knowing that there will be a supportive community of encouragers. On days like today, I find great comfort in my partner and quiet spaces.

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    to me comfort is sitting in the screened in porch during a summer thunderstorm, wrapping up under a quilt for a nap, strolling seaside with no place to be, watching my children laugh, catching my husband staring at me, embracing my mom, remembering my dad's smile. comfort is chocolate melted in my mouth after a sip of peppermint tea, popcorn with butter and sea salt, thanksgiving stuffing. comfort is knitting, reading in bed, slinging up the hammock between two trees. comfort is hearing the waves crash from the hotel room, tucking my girls in bed, waking up to snuggles.
    (and so much more…)

    thank you for this meredith! x

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