Lately I’ve been loving square photos. It’s funny, it goes in stages; from square to landscape to portrait. For several months, before the square thing, I was cropping almost everything 4 x 5. 

Maybe it’s an instagram thing….seeing the world squared? I’m not sure. But I do know I’ve always been drawn to square photos. 

How ’bout you? Do you crop? Squares… love ’em? not so much? Share with us today.


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    Oh Kim!
    I love square too these days. I think it's because of Instagram! I love going there. Seriously such a happy place for me. Making friends at the Behind the scenes class is an important part of it. It is wonderful to have a community that understands you. Very empowering. I love the shutter sister prompts too. They are awesome! Make me really think outta the box.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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    Gorgeous image, Kim! I'm a big fan of squares. It's always fun to compose within different shape restrictions/parameters.
    ~ Anna VanDemark

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    Just landed on your visually beautiful blog & I must say I love your photos! I have liked the square look….I went through my circle phase and banner stage too. Have a lovely weekend!


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    i used to stick to the same crop as the original image. now i will crop any which way that makes the image portray what i remember seeing.

    i was gifted a second-hand medium format camera for my birthday and i'm loving the challenge of composing images in square format rather than the rectangular format of 35mm and most dslr cameras.


    i also love the slightly-off square format of polaroids. yes.

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    Hello Kim! That square rose picture?…. Sublime!
    Yep, love squares too nowadays. To me it's definitely an IG influence.
    It goes a little further than that… It makes me very conscious about composition. I mostly use the Camera Awesome camera and that's normal landscape format, so I have to think about the square cropping before shooting. A good exercise in composing 😉
    Thanks so much for introducing me some months ago to i-Phoneography, to IG, to my first photo apps… You are a real inspiration!
    Enjoy oasis and have a nice trip to LA!
    Marleen xo

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    I love all sorts of shapes but squares just hit the spot. I love Instagram but there are others that are chasing IG. I love MagicHour all those lovely filters..

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