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“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”- Emerson

Today’s one word prompt is whimsy. Whimsy can be a tricky thing for us “adults”.  As children we were once endless fountains of play, pretend, imagination and fun.  We paid little to no attention to what we looked like,  or who was watching.  None of that mattered. All that mattered was the play.  As a mom I get to witness this wealth of carefree-ness each day in my children,  I spend hours photographing their play and joy.  Photographing myself in that same spirit of play was so much harder. What would I look like? (Why did i care?) Someone might see me! (maybe it would make them smile) So little by little I began to practice being more playful in front of my camera.  Capturing myself in moments of joy and whimsy through self portraiture.  Some days pulling in my little muses for a little photo fun. They are the masters of the silly faces!

When Meredith and I embarked on creating our first self portrait e-course,  we sat down and came up with a list of themes, one of them was “whimsy”.  Funny thing about that theme,  so many women balked at the idea of capturing their silly side,  that “whimsy”  was just not them…  but you know what?  Once they took a deep breath, and leaped into the fun, they wound up loving some of those images the most.  Seems all we all needed was a little nudge, permission to throw off the shackles of adulthood and just be silly. 

Today I challenge you to capture yourself in the joy. Blow bubbles. Hula hoop. Make funny faces. Put on a mask. Maybe a fuzzy mustache. How about a tutu. Photobomb a friend. Sticking out your tongue and crossing your eyes is encouraged here. Get silly with a friend or your family. Watch the laughter unfold. Share your images and thoughts with me here and don’t forget to tag your images, #shuttersisters.

Today get in touch with that little girl inside you.  She will thank you for it.


Interested in digging a little deeper into self portraiture?  Meredith Winn and I are launching our brand new e-course this fall, NOW YOU : Digging Deeper.  Registration is open now.  Class begins soon.  Join us!


Congratulations to Amy Gillard documentary moment winner of the book Lens on Life: Documenting Your World Through Photography by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts. Thanks for all of your submissions!


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    Thx for this prompt! Making my 'whimsy' pictures made me laugh with tears! Long time ago I had so much fun and abundant laughter!
    My pictures can be found on IG @marl1een – the ones with the cups/mugs :)

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