A Dream In Tangible Form

The greatest achievements were at first and for a time dreams. -James Allen

Sometimes there is something that happens, some big thing (light a lightning bolt of awareness) or some small thing (a sight or smell or sound) that reminds you of the tiny seed of a dream you once had. You’re taken back to the time when that seed just began to take shape and you can trace back the markers along the way; the little successes, the setbacks, and the many milestones. You are reminded of the journey and how nothing was ever wasted and that what you knew and felt, intangibly, deep in your heart would eventually be made tangible in some way.

Shutter Sisters began as a seed of a dream. And now, here I am sharing my thoughts in a hotel room at our second Shutter Sisters gathering, Oasis. Today, tonight, this week, I am reminded that this dream of mine has come true, in large part, because of all of you; those of you sharing this special time at Oasis with us, and those of you who are sharing this sacred space online with us every day. You are all my dream weavers. You have shown me my dream in tangible form. I am deeply grateful.

What do you dream of today? Share the seed and let’s watch it grow together.


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    My dream is to someday attend a Shutter Sisters Oasis with you incredible ladies.

    For years you sisters have been inspiring me from afar…it is so wonderful to see so many gathering in one place. Thank you for what you do…

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    I dream of one day not having to depend on my partner financially. He's an alcoholic and having to depend on my food and sustenance from someone whose falling apart so badly just kills me on the inside. x

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    Dreams are great! Someone told me once that we shouldnt dream too big because if those dreams never happen then it can be very painful. Id rather dream big, chase it all and crash knowing that i tried than not dreaming at all. I blogged about this same subject this morning, how a dream of mine has been put aside and the Universe just kept on sending me signals to go after it. Dont let go of your dreams, go after them, the setbacks on the way are just that, the setbacks. I want to write. (couldnt you tell?) Dream Big, Sisters.

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    I found this post so nice to read. To think about the inspiration and joy I've felt over the years reading, learning and sharing on this space and know hearing about where it all started really made me smile. This space is sacred. Thank you for fostering this space and keeping it active and inclusive. Your dedication is so deeply appreciated.

    Right now I'm dreaming of some down time. Some time for me to put work aside and focus on myself and my love.

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