Just be you


I am taking away one big lesson in life and photography from SS Oasis this year:

“We each have a very unique way of being, seeing, and shooting.”

I know it has been said before… But I’m so moved by the fact that we each have a very unique point of view. If you look at the photos tagged with #ssoasis on Instagram, you will see what I am talking about. Several times sisters gathered around the same subject, under the same light. And yet, every picture turned out completely different. 

Do you know what makes you the awesome photographer YOU are? 

Today, show us a picture that shows your very own personal style and visual voice.


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    I've been following along on Instagram and I noticed the same thing! I love seeing everyone's different points of view! Can't wait to join you all at next year's Oasis.

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    I absolutely adore your photo and that paint on the back wall is so unique. Love the backdrop it creates. I agree whole heartedly about each of us just being ourselves. That definitely has been my modus operendi in taking photos.

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