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the lovely Cyndy B

Oasis has come to an end. I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. It seemed like forever away, and just like that it’s over. Kinda like Christmas….. endless preparation and expectations…. it finally arrives….. and just like that, it’s over.

For me, Oasis, was a bit like being in a bubble…. surrounded by the most amazing creative energy. I’m going to miss it so much. Most of my life….I was quite happy in my creative bubble, doing my thing, making art. Last year’s camp experience totally changed that. Now I NEED/WANT to experience the connections, the energy, the love. It’ll be a transition….returning to my everyday quiet life. But it’s all so good. I’m holding tight to the Oasis love. I can’t wait to watch the magic unfold.

Today, I’d love to see your connection photos, or hear your stories. Please share with us below.


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    I know what you mean by looking forward to an event for days or weeks or months, Kim. All of a sudden it happens, then poof~~it's over! That's how I felt about my last trip home to Los Angeles two years ago, especially since I don't know when I will be able to go back.

    It *is* difficult to make the adjustment. My life is generally quiet, too. I have no family, so when I'm at home I'm always alone. But all the contacts I've made online, from Etsy, Flickr, the Blogosphere and your classes fill up my Creative Bubble and keep me going until the next Big Event!

    I'm so glad you you had such a magical time and I'm looking forward to your stories and photos!

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