Sights to See

Oh my…such a crazy month September has been. Thank goodness for my boy Ben. If it wasn’t for his sweet persistance each day; twice a day….I may just have missed all this…choosing to work rather than  walk.

This fall has been extra lovely….so thankful for Ben’s gentle push…and an iPhone to capture it all. 

What’s your world looking like these days? Share with us today.



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    What beautiful photos…I can see that fall has arrived full-force up north! There is only a whisper of fall color on our trees in Virginia so far. Have a wonderful weekend, Kim!

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    Put together like this in a series, these images are even more beautiful and with such terrific "autumnly" atmosphere than separately. And Ben, well he's just so wonderful, a top model 😉
    Have a nice weekend.

    PS: no landscape images available for the moment… I have no "Ben" to force me to go outside, meaning I just kept working… Next week we spend on that splendid Dutch island, windy, breezy but so calm… Hope to get some rest there, and some pictures…

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