weekending by Susan Licht

they come by bus, by car,
by foot, by bike
by stroller, and by wheelchair
the young and the old
to shop, to eat
to smell the flowers,
the rich aroma of roasted coffees
and freshly baked breads
to take advantage of all that freshly harvested goodness
or just to stop and chat with neighbors and friends
a little slice of life
a celebration of community
-Susan Licht


Susan Licht shoots images like this with her Nikon D3000 and spends her weekends outdoors as much as possible, be it exploring the streets of Boston, walking the beaches of Cape Cod or hiking the many conservation trails in and around her hometown.

You can find her on her website Licht Years

Are there any farmers markets or pumpkin patches in your weekend plans?

Today’s prompt: mug

Sunday’s prompt: apples


  1. says

    I follow subscribe to Susan's blog via mail and get her posts every day. Her photos are absolutely gorgeous and I always love the quotes she pairs with them! It's a blog I am always happy to share with others on Twitter and FB! Such beautiful images I look forward to opening up her posts daily!

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