We are all quite obssessed with picturing our feet in cute shoes to show wherever we are standing, aren’t we? So I thought I’d propose something new! How daring! :)

Today I invte you to share a shoe with a story. 

These ones picture above were my daughter’s first chucks! She had just taken her first steps when I bought them, and so they marked a whole new beginning for us. I am forever grateful I pulled my iphone and actually snapped this as soon as I unwrapped them. As much as we can see her wearing this pair in all sorts of photos, this is my favorite shot because it tells in itself the story of an important milestone in our lives. Simple and quick to do. It will last a lifetime.

How about you? Show us that special pair you wore in that first hot date, the one you wore at your wedding, or the one your dog chewed on over the weekend. Tell us your cinderella moment if you must! We want to see and hear it all. 

Give us a shoe with a story.


  1. says

    Both my girls had high top pink Converse and they each wore them to nubs. I didn't have the foresight to photograph them but every time I see a little girl wearing pink chucks, I smile.

  2. whimc says

    My Mother loved RED! She had never been allowed to wear red because she was a beautiful auburn red head…. and that meant at the time ( the 20's and 30"s ) that red clashed with her hair! I remember being encouraged to wear a wonderful scarlet red velvet dress when I was about 9 or10. I too had red hair but the golden orange instead! Wearing red was easy for me but when I found THE RED BOOTS on a trip to New York with my middle daughter after my eldest daughter's wedding in Costa rica….( another challenging story) They are My boots of choice whenever I want to be just a little bit more of ME !!! And remember My mom who wanted me to be Me more than anything else!!!

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