Step into softness


I snapped this photo while traveling in Haiti. When I look at it, I am reminded of how, in that soft moment, I felt far away and peaceful from the challenge and chaos happening around me. Photographs are so key in helping us transcend our present circumstances. Sometimes even just a quick glance through my photo album  on my iPhone or an old Polaroid pinned up in my creative space can quiet the “to do” lists swirling around in my head. These days, I am more committed to calm than chaos. My spirit needs tending and any tools that will support my serenity are welcome.  

As the holidays and all that goes with them approach (cooking, and gathering and traveling, and shopping and baking and entertaining and wrapping and…), it will serve me well to hold sacred a place to step into softness. A gentle photo that can take me back to a moment when I felt ease and calm. In this way, photography is a gift to myself and my peace of mind. I’ll be strategically placing photos in places where I can be reminded that my life is made up of many, many moments of softness. 

I invite you to puruse your collection of images or snap some new images that you can place in your line of vision when the going gets rough. Won’t you share your soft shot with us?


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