The Beauty of Words

As I unpacked my suitcase when I arrived home from Shutter Sisters Oasis, I came across a moleskin journal that I had received while there.  I took it out, set it on a table near my couch and went about my business.  A few days later, I had heard something that I didn’t want to forget, so I quickly reached for the journal, grabbed a pen and wrote down what I had heard, words that had really resonated with me: Whatever follows the two words “I am” is going to come looking for you. I had to write them down.  Those words were too powerful not to remember.  Then, because they moved me so, I wanted others to feel their power as well, so I grabbed my phone, snapped a photo and shared it on Instagram.

It’s been a few weeks now and surprisingly, I find myself writing something in that journal almost daily.  Even better, I’ve noticed in doing so I’m feeling more calm and more centered.  For someone with A.D.D. like me, that’s a big deal.  When I think it’s something that should be shared, I again grab my phone, snap a photo and share it on Instagram.  Not only are these words beautiful to me, but the comments I’m getting on my shared words have been awesome: Thank you for this today; Keep ’em coming!; You have no idea how much I needed this today.   Aren’t words just beautiful? What a gift.  

Today, write some words of beauty that mean something to you.  You can use pen and paper, chalk on a sidewalk, lipstick on a mirror.  Then, take a photo with your camera or phone and share them with us.  If you want to share your beautiful words on Instagram, be sure to hashtag them using #thewrittenwords so we can feel their beauty, too.  You can find me on Instagram at chris_sneddon.


  1. Gwen says

    Love the Mumford and Sons quote. My husband often reaches over and takes my hand when that line plays in the car. Beautiful.

  2. says

    I have had this open on my computer all weekend. I love words, and I feel like this is a powerful, powerful practice. Thank you for sharing this. I will be bringing this into my life.

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