Let is Snow

Snow. So many of you today are out there playing in it, thoroughly enjoying it. Or maybe you’re  cursing it. Two years ago, we traveled to Illinois to spend the holidays with my parents and it snowed on Christmas Eve. It was magic, I tell you. magic. I grew up with snow but for most of my adult life, have only lived in cities where snow is a rare occurrence. I’d forgotten how magic it is. How quiet it is. How it so silently covers every little thing in sight. How it seems to make color and light sing.

Today, show us magic. Snow magic, that is. Dig up the old favorites. Or, if you have snow, get out there in it and make some new ones. Whatever the case (or whatever the weater), share a few shots of your outdoor surroundings with us here with us today as we recoup from the haze of the holiday.


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