an invitation to the weekend

The weekend.

There is nothing like it. A time to rest, rejuvinate, refuel. A time to wind down or wind up. A time to settle in or skip out. A time for family and friends, comfort and joy.

The weekend.

No matter how many have come and gone, as each new one approaches we look forward to it like a gift we cannot wait to open. And somehow we are surprised and delighted each and every week. As so it goes on and on.

The weekend.

For us, lovers of photography, there can be no better time to shoot. And because we want to honor not only the magic that is the weekend but also the Universal deep need to end the week and then begin it again with this sacred time of respite, we would like to invite you to share your weekends with us.

The weekend.

Starting in March we will be featuring weekend images from you here at Shutter Sisters. What does the weekend look like at your house? What moments capture the attention of your lens? What activities (or non-activities) do you hold dear at week’s end? What do you create, cherish, capture when the weekend arrives yet again at your door?

Answer these questions for us in your images. Share some words if you want. Throw in a quote. Include a link. Tell us who you are and where we can find you online. Share yourself and your weekends with us and you might be featured right here in our new weekend series that will be posted each Saturday and will be featured through Sunday too. Because weekends are supposed to have two full days of goodness to enjoy.

If you would like to submit your weekend images for consideration in our weekend series, please send your shot(s) via email to us at click [at] shuttersisters [dot] com with the subject weekend. We can’t wait to see how you do weekends and begin our series in March! Give us a hint in the comments today.

And above all else, enjoy. The weekend.


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    This is really freeing. I've been struggling with my photography and posting to my blog for the last year because my husband uses the camera during the week for work and because my weeks go by so incredibly fast these days. I need to just focus on weekends and let the rest go. I've been wanting to do Project Life but capturing the weeks is too much. Focusing on capturing the weekends will be much more doable.

    Thank you!

  2. says

    Our weekends usually include some kind of adventure – even if it's just playing pretend in the living room. I can't wait to share some of our weekend adventures!

  3. says

    bonjour :)
    oh week-end …
    on saturdays, I love going to the organic market, shopping, walking by the sea, shooting, cinema, restaurants : I am on outting mode
    on sundays : if I am not away by the sea or visiting friends, I gladely stay at home like a happy hermit for some solitary bliss :)

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    Our weekends are a crazy as the rest of the week, but one thing is constant…Sunday morning breakfast. Pancakes, thick coffee, and a leisurely morning. I can't wait to turn my camera on this weekly ritual. Great idea!

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    timing is a funny thing. i JUST posted a "weekend moments" triptych this evening, thinking of how lovely that part of my weekend was. this is a great idea – my weeks are usually too busy and the daylight too fleeting to even think about taking a photo. the weekends are truly time for me to find my creative self and get reacquainted with my neglected friend.

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    I'm a stay at home Mom, but I sure do look forward to the weekends. Even though it seems there's always some activity to run to, the schedule is a little bit lighter, a little bit quieter. Some weekends I even catch a nap! Yes, a nap! Love the new weekend series idea and will definitely check it out!

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