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As a photographer, I’m a memory gatherer… not just the big stuff like birthdays, weddings, holidays etc… but those everyday moments… the ordinary… the in-between moments… the little things we may not feel are that are important right now, but what we may look back on and realize were big things.

So I’ve been gathering memories, collecting the everyday moments in my life, and using video & photos packaged up into films and freezing that moment in time. I’m calling them time capsules. I know that time flies by, and what happens today, will be different to how life will be next year… in 5 years, 10 years and so on… and I want to remember the little things.

Today I’m giving away one spot on my first eCourse – Creating Time Capsules, where I plan to set you on a journey of discovery and inspiration so that you can make your own, delightful, memory-evoking time capsules… All the details are here.

For a chance to win, please comment below or show me a moment you’ve photographed… what memory have you frozen in time? big or little… something you would add to your imaginary time capsule.  

You have until Saturday 4th Feb midnight PST and I will announce the winner in this post….

11.11.11 : part one : our morning routine from xanthe berkeley on Vimeo.

Updated – The winner is Mama-pan – Mary Frances Thank you to everyone who entered.


  1. says

    I love taking photos of random things, around home or out and about. My photo, when I look at it, reminds me of the beautiful summer day recently I spent with my husband after a busy Christmas. We had a lovely day just wandering around, eating lunch and having a quiet drink. I can almost feel how warm it was looking at the photo.

    I loved looking at that video – so beautiful!


  2. Beth says

    How gorgeous! I've done some slideshows but never combined stills with video. I love how you varied the pace and emotions by this combination. It helps the viewer recognize how fleeting the moment yet important the capture and memory. I'd love to learn how to do this. Thanks also for introducing the Paper Kites. Just love them and have already downloaded a few songs for inspiration :)

  3. says

    Xanthe, your videos are SO amazing.
    I have such an appreciation for how you put together the stills, the music, the shots and angles you get, and editing you do to make the story. They are seriously, seriously wonderful.
    This year I aspire to incorporate more video into my storytelling journey. In fact, when it was time to upgrade to a full frame, I switched to a 5d markii instead of a Nikon d700, JUST because of video capability. So far, I haven't utilized it near enough.
    Anyway, I could gush all day on your videos and photos.
    I'm doing a 366 this year. Here's my shot from yesterday: http://www.flickr.com/photos/squeeekphoto/6808173103/

  4. Laura says

    Love the 11.11.11 time capsule! And time capsules in general. How beautiful to create a collection of visual memories that are meaningful. And to celebrate the little things. So wonderful.

    In a time capsule, I would include this image of my grandparents. This is just after mom graduated with her masters several weeks ago (so proud)! I love my grandpa (also capturing the moment) photographing my mom who is one escalator over. And my grandma's smile. http://www.flickr.com/photos/68437462@N04/6812061465/in/photostream

  5. says

    Oh I love this time capsule! It's wonderful!

    I was doing a photoshoot with my parents, because they wanted to have a good photo of them together. So in between poses my dad finds this big branch and sticks it in the water http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephaniedegeus/5939662428/in/photostream and my mom comes running up to him and sticks her head between his legs and in a reflect I shot http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephaniedegeus/5939663314/in/photostream I think this is the best picture I have of them, ever.

  6. Lindsay says

    Thanks Xanthe for your post and for sharing your amazing time capsules. I've tried creating a photo/video capsule and there were a few errors in the final version. Would love to learn how to properly put a time capsule together.

  7. says

    a time capsule! perfect….camera always at hand, snapping away at what seems to some so mundane, strangers giving me the stink eye….now i will just say, 'creating a time capsule!' smile and inspire them to do the same.

    i want to remember when she always had crumbs on her face from constantly filling that tiny little body with food, the left over fruit sticker on her face….often more than one but hasn't been great than 7 at a time. those lashes, innocence floating through life, stopping to admire the contortions of her face, always making us laugh & always willing to give a back scratch.

  8. says

    that video was so wonderful. I made a resolution to take more this year – I want to be able to hear my children's sweet, young voices after they have grown, but then I've got all of these loose clips and I don't quite know what to do with them.

    as for a moment – I know that some day I won't be able to walk through my childhood home. so now, every time I visit, I take a few pictures to help me return when I no longer have the keys.

  9. says

    I just now had time to get back to the computer…
    to browse through the comments and watch your time capsule video.
    Your video is t.o.t.a.l.l.y w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l :)

  10. says

    Lovely video! It is a reminder of the everyday simple things.

    For me, right now Indianapolis is energized with the Super Bowl and all the hoopla surrounding that event. I am not into sports but I really couldn't let this pass me by without participating somehow. There is so much going on! I went down to Super Bowl Village on a cold, windy Saturday and came away with wonderful memories.


  11. says

    I've been a video producer for a long time, and I've recently started using more photos in my work. It never occurred to me to turn my focus even narrower and shoot little moments in time like you have. Very cool! Would love to take this course. Here's one of my videos:


  12. says

    Oh how wonderful is this time capsule! I loved the photos of the teeth and the video of getting ready in the morning discussing mummies. Your accents were such treat at as well. I try to pull out my camera at home frequently to capture those memories I know so are so fleeting. (my kids are so accustomed to my camera they barely even acknowledge it any more…yay!) Here's my moment of my little girl, waiting for her friend. http://www.flickr.com/photos/barilynn/6812999815/in/photostream

  13. says

    This is an awesome idea.

    Given the opportunity to make a time capsule, I would take my photos from my experience in Russia and show how those moments still permeate my life today.

    (I tried to post this once, but it didn't seem to work. Sorry if it posts 2x's.)

  14. Linda says

    I enjoyed your videos so much when you shared them with Kim's Beyond group. It inspired me to try one of my own! It does take a bit of planning, I think!

  15. says

    I love the video and the photo that accompanies your article. I have a 21 year old and a 9 year old. Because I have already seen how fast one of my children has grown up, I am so glad that I caught so many every day moments as he grew up, and I continue to do that with my younger son.

  16. Isabella Rose says

    Love this video that you made and would love to learn how to do it myself! My baby girl watched it with me and wants to know if your son lost his tooth that day???

  17. says

    beautiful – Xanthe, really lovely. I suppose my blog is a time capsule, documenting daily life with my sons. I try to take photos of stuff, life, teeth falling out, riding bikes, growing things etc… it's just about stopping in the moment and remembering. x

  18. merlin says

    I get overwhelmed knowing the little things are the big things in retrospect. It means I spend more than my share of time trying to let go, I can't keep it all. Which of the small things should I keep?

  19. Kristi says

    I love time capsules! Our family has a New Year's time capsule we add to every year. Your video is gorgeous. I'd love to learn anything I can from you. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Fiona says

    I would love the chance to join this group!! It goes along perfectly with my word 'create' and I've been struggling with my own video/photo combinations. I won't post a photo here because I don't have any available that I like, but I'm hoping that this isn't disqualifying..Thanks for the opportunity Xanthe!! And keep posting these videos -they're such an inspiration!

  21. says

    That video was incredible. I wish I could do that every day! I've never been so aware of the desire to preserve priceless moments in time as I am right now. The first ten months with our baby girl were full of sleepless nights and big learning curves, and now here we are just weeks away from her first birthday already. I want to always remember her big blue eyes peeking up at me, and that tuft of hair atop her sweet head. There is so much I want to document and be able to look back on…things that haven't even happened yet! Thank you for this opportunity.
    Here are a few glimpses of her from today:

  22. says


    wow…i want to remember when she always had crumbs on her face from constantly filling that tiny little body with food, the left over fruit sticker on her face….often more than one but hasn't been great than 7 at a time. those lashes, innocence floating through life, stopping to admire the contortions of her face, always making us laugh & always willing to give a back scratch.Thank you very much for this opportunity! I love your blog, you are so inspiring! I think my photos got better since I am simply watching yours! :-) Though I feel quite ridiculous with my "moment" as I am total amateur comparing to others, but, of well, that's why I want to join your course and learn something new. i love to capture moments of love, to share, to hide, to offer in times of need.thanks for posting this article.

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