My Mug Shot


I love it when great things come together. Like coffee and cream. Like tea and honey. Like #mymugshot and #shotofcoffee. It seems that both Kristen Doyle (of Dine and Dish) and myself have a thing for capturing images of our morning mugs. I know there’s a lot of you who join us in our passion which is why I am sharing this mug shot for my Best Shot Monday today and why I am giddy to share with you what Kristen and I have cooked up this week.

#mymugshot + #shotofcoffee = #shot4shot

This week is World Immunization Week and we thought we’d put our hastags and our shots of coffee to good use in supporting the new United Nations Foundation’s campaign Shot@Life. What’s it all about? It’s about saving the lifes of children. It’s about getting vaccines to the children that need them most. It’s about compassion. It’s about caring. It’s about coming together for a greater good.

We encourage you to use your lenses to bring awareness to Shot@Life: a campaign that wants to put an end to the deaths of children that are caused by preventable diseases.  Your job is easy…to give kids the shot at life they deserve, all you’ve got to do is get creative, get social and have fun! For all the details on how you can get involved this week, take a peek on my blog or on Kristen’s.

Oh, and we did say fun, didn’t we? Take a look at the super-fun prizes we’re giving away in exchange for your submissions to #shot4shot. We are so thankful for this stellar group of supporters!

  1. Big Picture Classes is offering away a complimentary spot in my next photo workshop Picture Black & White. And by the way, 10% of your registration fee goes directly to Shot@Life! So even if you don’t win but you register anyway, it’s a win/win. YAY!!
  2. We’ve got a limited edition Shot@Life Messenger bag. It’s adorable and awesome.
  3. Shutter Sisters is offering up a signed copy of Expressive Photography.
  4. Ephiphanie Bags has donated one of their coveted camera bags. Squeee!
  5. An awesome Keurig brewing system! Super-yum.
  6. Paper Coterie has offered a $100 gift card. Love their stuff.

And… Paper Coterie wants to help us thank all of you who choose to participate by givng every single person who shares a #Shot4Shot image this week a lovely photo journal. What better way to feature your own favorite photograph from the week? You help us spread awareness AND you get a gift. It’s just so awesome.

Be sure to tag your images and posts that support Shot at Life this week on all your social platforms with #shot4shot and #vaccineswork.

We can’t wait to spend this week with you creating all kinds of goodness.

Share with us today your Best Shot for this fine Monday and let’s get this party started! 


  1. says

    Oh yay! A great way to enjoy coffee – knowing that it is for a greater good! You got me at "compassion"; a virtue we are learning over and over in our buddhist studies, along with patience and love. I hope I can be of help here even if I am miles and miles away. Looking forward to a wonderful week of coffee and love.

    Would like to share this to jumpstart my participation

    All the best to everyone! ♥

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