Every Child Deserves a Shot@Life

Today marks the launch of the United Nation Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. Tracey and I are excited to support Shot@Life and their mission to provide much-needed vaccines to children around the world.

I think about my own children and the relative ease I have here in the United States to get the vaccines I need to protect them from preventable diseases. I’m aware of the options and can access information about vaccines to make an informed decision on behalf of my children. I can afford the costs of vaccines. I have a pediatrician I trust. And I have the means to transport my children to obtain the vaccines we need. This is privilege. One in five children around the world don’t have access to life-saving vaccines in developing countries, so they need our help. For just $5, you can protect a child from polio and measles. For just $20 you can help give a child a lifetime of immunity to protect him or her from pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, and polio. To help give a child a Shot@Life, I hope you’ll join us here.


An added note from Tracey:

Thanks to all of you who are using your photography to support Shot at Life! The collection of images for our #shot4shot project is awesome. Take a peek here and keep up the amazing work! You are appreciated.


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