the great outdoors

After five well-deserved, care-free days on a family camping trip, it was too much of a challenge to pick a single image that summed it all up. The great outdoors has so too much to offer; especially when time in this kind of picturesque locale comes only once in a while.

The thing about a trip like this is the simplicity of it all. There’s nothing required except the ability to take it all in; one deep breath in and one breathtaking view at a time.

With summer still fresh in our minds (and hearts) my guess is you’ve got some lovely images in your recent archives you can share today. Or perhaps you’re communing with nature as we speak. Whatever the case may be, today we are celebrating the great outdoors. Share your shots with us and tag them #sselevate.


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    From a recent camping trip:
    (deleting my blog link to test this comment – it won't post with the link)

    Tracey: Wherever you went, it's beautiful as are your photos. Memorable.

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    I normally spend my summers in Alaska because it is the best time weather wise to enjoy it. This year was cold and rainy but we still managed to enjoy it get a few shots in as well.

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    Lovely photos, as always. Thanks for the inspiration to recognize these sweet moments and to celebrate them.

    We set up the tent in our front yard last night. Roamed around the area chatting with neighbors and their animals. Savored the last little bits of sunlight. And this morning, we were covered in dew; the six of us waking up in a tangle of sleeping bags and old quilts; together.

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