something green

We live in a land of extremes: snow white in winter and lush green in summer. I’d have it no other way, really. When I crouched in the grass to take this shot, it was the peak of greenness. It’s a strange time in New England when the greenery around you is so intense it overwhelms your eyes. The world is awake, the ferns are unfurling, the grasshoppers are jumping. Mother Nature is in overdrive! It’s like having the problem of too much love, it’s no problem at all… it simply opens your heart to expansion and growth; overwhelming as it may be.

Green is one of my favorite colors simply for how alive it makes me feel. Below my feet, through the weeds, or lost in play. I paint my world green as often as I can. Today, share with us something green. Leave a link in the comments below, add your images to the OWP flickr pool, or tag your images #sselevate on Instagram.


  1. quietlyclicking says

    A lovely image! I love the quietness of it and the feeling of quiet solitude it evokes. Green is my favourite colour and this is my first time adding images to this site, although I visit it all the time. Here's a shot that I took of strange cacti on a trip to LA last year:

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