window light

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Aaron Rose

What could I possibly say about the magic of window light that you don’t already know by now? Window light is simply magical and it has been the inspiration of painters and photographers for hundreds of years…

I personally love to capture the contrast between light and dark areas, creating a certain mood that is equally beautiful for still life and portraits. But windows are also great for silluetting, for capturing texture and for lighting food. I also often shoot toward the window to get a glowy and dreamy background. The point is: No matter what you shoot and how you shoot it, as Aaron Rose says in his quote above, “in the perfect “window” light, everything is extraordinary.” So this is one sure way to elevate your day and find beauty wherever you are.

It’s your turn to share now. Look around and find the best window in da house for a quick shoot. What are your favorite ways to shoot that perfect ray of light coming through? Show us a favorite window shot today.


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    Window… they are a door to light and an opening to our creativity. Love your photo! We can a little bit of you in every aspect of the composition, coffee ( I presume), pencil, book-note and a place to grab inspiration. Love it!

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    That was so lovely. A light passing through a beautiful window which produced a good ambiance and brightness to your room. The window glass is clearly enough to make a wonderful light from the sun. So lovely window as well.

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