rest and relaxation

‘Give your stress wings and let it fly away.’  ~Terri Guillemets

Oh my…yes please… I could use a little of R&R…  Some weeks just knock it right outta ya….and you just gotta stop, breathe…rest and relax…. 

Today I did a little front porch day dreaming……. just me, Ben and the warm sunshine…. so good… so needed… so necessary.

How ’bout you, have you taken a little time to rest and relax? Share a little R&R with us today. Be sure to add your photos to the OWP Flickr pool or tag your images #sselevate on Instagram.


  1. says

    I am totally lack of R&R these past months. I badly needed it, the effect of too much work
    start to sense. I just need it now. thanks to remind us.

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