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From the Impassable Wilderness of Wildwood to the pristine and proper home of Miss Aunt Polly of Beldingsville, Vermont in the classic Pollyanna, our summer reading list seems to take us places. I find
myself swept away, trudging along the Pacific Crest Trail via Wild (by Cheryl Strayed) here and there as time allows, sitting poolside or as I drop into bed rivited & resonating.  We don’t mind tucking into the
tent early after a full day playing in the lake when we can close our eyes and experience all that Trenton Lee Stewart has to offer by way of Nicolas Benedict in The Mysterious Benedict Series.  There is an
ever changing list of opportunity and possible travel by way of a good book, but there is one book that will forever be a favorite. One kept on hand for every expedition as our faithful guide & inspiration, not
only just of the mind: the Atlas. (Road trip anyone?)

What have you been reading? Or should I say, where have you been going? Share your images of summer reading today and tag them #sselevate.

Image and words courtesy of Sarah Swanson-Dexel.


  1. says

    hello awesome lady. i have spent a lot of hours at the library and reading this summer. i too read Wildwood, i adored Prodigal Summer. Wild was such a good memoir. and now currently trying to finish up The Elegance of the Hedgehog (finding this one a bit difficult to get through for some reason) … i look forward to autumn and reading outdoors in the cool air.

  2. beth lehman says

    wish i'd done more reading, you are certainly inspiring me to do more and have some grea titles up there. i've been reading more to and with my kids than just for me. if you like the mysterious benedict books you may like the incorrigable children of ashton place series. lovely and british with great humor and vocabulary! loved this post!

  3. says

    I spent spring with the Benedict Society and some of my summer in the impassable wilderness, but this summer has really been all about the Underland for us (the Gregor the Overlander series). My kids have wanted to charge straight through from book to book all summer long. We're on 4 of 5, and usually they'd be hankering for something new. That Suzanne Collins knows how to write a cliffhanger.

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