(the view from my living room window. 4 different nights.)

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

 It does not make a funny face, or run away and hide from you when you grab your camera.

It comes in many colors and textures.

It is ever changing, yet constant in your day.

It is universal.

It wants you to look up and notice.

So today, look up.

Share your sky.  Our sky.


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  1. Elly says

    I just discovered your wonderful blog full of so many beautiful photographs and words. I was especially attracted to this post, my daughters have recently discovered the ever changing sky and question it every day. I love the poem printed in this post. I would like to write it down and put it in my home to share with my family. First of all is this okay with you and second does the credit go to Kristin Zecchinelli for writing these inspiring, beautiful words?
    Thank you.

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