the strays


Would you believe that all  of these beauties are stray dogs? Yes, you probably would. Because they all seem to be in their own world. Lying somewhere alone, trying to make themselves invisible.  They might surprise you though. A whistle or a kind word would make them jump up for a cuddle.

I captured these dogs as part of shooting a photo documentary of a spay and neuter campaign in Bosnia.

Being prepared for the worst scenarios it left me speechless to find so much trust and kindness in the dogs I met in the streets. That melted my heart. Dogs like this have to work so hard to find their daily meal. Getting a kind gesture or even finding some love are rare things for most of them. In spite of the hard side of life they welcomed me with warmth and love.

Photographing animals makes me forget all that is around me. It is a healing process for me. Moments to cherish.

Photo essay and story courtesy of Jolanda Boekhout (aka Jofabi). She can be found on her website. More of her Strays series (and more about her trip) can be found on Flickr.

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  1. Christelle says

    I just saw this post and had to comment. I took in a stray cat last year (injured, starving, and terrified), and he's the most affectionate and grateful little creature I've ever known. These poor dogs are the victims of human negligence, and they are not the angry brutes we likes to think they are. Thank you, Jofabi, for showing the world just how beautiful these animals really are.

  2. Lizzie Buxton says

  3. says

    Jolanda is such a kind soul, I love what she has done for those animals and continues to do for animals back at home. It isn't mentioned but Jolanda sells postcards of these Bosnian strays in order to raise money to help support the spay and neuter program there.

  4. says

    This post is really touching, all these creatures need some love. Unfortunately, you don't have to travel far to find stray dogs or cats. It reminds us that we have a responsibility to them.

  5. says

    Jolanda you have such a big heart and such a connection with these animals. I can see that special connection every time I look at one of your photographs! You are the voice for these sweet animals!

  6. says

    Wow! So good to see these lovelies here at Shutter Sisters. Thank you all for your wonderful compliments. I feel so lucky and grateful that I got the chance to work with the sweet dogs of Bihac. And with animals in general. Thank you so much Tracey for sharing my work here! xoxoxo

    PS: Yes, Becky is right. A series of six stray dogs is available on postcards. All earnings go to the Bosnian Animal Foundation:

  7. says

    Wow! This is awesome! To see these lovelies featured here on Shutter Sisters. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I felt lucky and grateful to be able to capture these sweet animals in Bihac and share their story with you now. The silent communication while shooting animals is what I love most. (Thank you Tracey! xoxo). xoxo

    PS. Thanks Becky for sharing. Yes, a series of the strays of Bihac is available on postcard. All earnings go to the Bosnian Animal Foundation.

  8. says

    I am an animal lover. I can't watch those Human Society commercials because they tug at my heart too much. These dogs are just too adorable to not have a home and a family to love them. I am always grateful to someone who brings awareness to these kinds of issues.

  9. says

    it breaks my heart to see these homeless animals but I love the photos
    I would love to give them all a big hug and take them all in – we rescued 2 cats and they know they have their forever homes now
    you are doing a good thing – thanks for sharing

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